How to Change Experience Options for Mixed Reality Headset Display in Windows 10

Windows Mixed reality blends real-world and virtual content into hybrid environments where physical and digital objects coexist and interact.

The Experience options setting gives you the ability to change the Windows Mixed Reality performance settings. This enables you to choose the best possible experience for your hardware configuration across a range of content. The 90-Hz experience is available to all systems, but you might want to try out Automatic first to see which setting you prefer.

Here are the options:

  • Automatic or Let Windows decide: Windows Mixed Reality will determine the best experience for your hardware configuration. For most people, this is the best choice to start with.
  • 60 Hz: Sets the refresh rate to 60 Hz and turns off certain features, such as video capture and preview in Mixed Reality Portal.
  • 90 Hz: Sets the refresh rate to 90 Hz if your headset can run at that speed. If cable issues prevent the headset from running at 90 Hz, you may see an error at startup with this mode selected.

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This tutorial will show how to change the experience options for your headset display in Windows Mixed Reality on your Windows 10 PC.

You must be signed in as an administrator to change experience options for your mixed reality headset display.

Changing this experience options setting might restart Windows Mixed Reality.

Windows Mixed Reality is deprecated and will be removed in a future release of Windows. This deprecation includes the Mixed Reality Portal app, and Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR and Steam VR Beta.


  • Option One: Change Experience Options for Mixed Reality Headset Display in Settings
  • Option Two: Change Experience Options for Mixed Reality Headset Display using REG file


Change Experience Options for Mixed Reality Headset Display in Settings

1 Open Settings, and click/tap on the Mixed reality icon.

2 Click/tap on Headset display on the left side. (see screenshot below)

3 Select Let Windows decide (default), Optimize for performance (lowest quality), or Best visual quality (highest quality) in the Experience options drop menu on the right side for what you want.

4 You can now close Settings if you like.

Change Experience Options for Mixed Reality Headset in Windows 10-mixed_reality_headset_display_experience_options.jpg


Change Frame Rate of Mixed Reality Headset Display using REG file

The downloadable .reg files below will modify the DWORD value in the registry key below.


ThrottleExperience DWORD

<delete> = Let Windows decide
0 = Best visual quality
1 = Optimize for performance

1 Click/tap on the Download button below for the experience options you want for the headset display.


This is the default setting.








2 Save the .reg file to your desktop.

3 Double click/tap on the downloaded .reg file to merge it.

4 When prompted, click/tap on Run, Yes (UAC), Yes, and OK to approve the merge.

5 You can now delete the downloaded .reg file if you like.

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