How to View Power Usage of Processes in Task Manager in Windows 10

Task Manager can be used to view and manage your processes, performance statistics, app history, users, processes details, and services in Windows 10.

Starting with Windows 10 build 17704, Task Manager now includes 2 new columns in the “Processes” tab to show energy impact of the running process on their system. This should help you to understand which apps/services are using the maximum power vs. the least power-hungry apps. The metric takes CPU, GPU & Disk into evaluation when calculating power usage.
  • Power usage: This column will provide an instantaneous view of apps/services using power.
  • Power usage trend: This column provides a power usage trend over 2 mins for each running apps/services. This column will be blank when you start an app but will populate based on the power usage every 2 mins.

This tutorial will show you how to view the power usage of running processes in Task Manager in Windows 10.

Here's How:

1. Open Task Manager in more details view.

2. Click/tap on the Processes tab, and look at the Power usage and Power usage trend columns to see the energy impact for each running process.

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