How to Create and Set Up Your Microsoft Family Group

A family group helps families stay connected and keeps kids safer on Windows 10, Xbox One devices, and Android devices running Microsoft Launcher. It's free, and it's one of the many benefits of having a Microsoft account. With the settings on, you can get reports on a child's activity, set screen time limits, check on a child's location, limit which websites and games they can access, and require your approval to purchase from the Microsoft Store.

Once you set up your family group, you can add or remove child and adult members.

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This tutorial will show you how to create and set up your Microsoft family group for access to family features and settings.

If all child and adult members leave your family group, the group will no longer exist. You can create a new family group at anytime though.

EXAMPLE: Family Group

Here's How:

1 If you are already part of another family group, then you will need to leave that family first.

2 Go to the Microsoft Family website, and sign in with your Microsoft account if not already.

3 Click/tap on the Create a family group button. (see screenshot below)

Create and Set Up Your Microsoft Family Group-create_microsoft_family_group-1.png

4 You can now invite child and adult members to join your family group. (see screenshot below)

Create and Set Up Your Microsoft Family Group-create_microsoft_family_group-2.png

5 Adult members of this family group can now manage Microsoft Family settings for child members of this family.

That's it,