How to Uninstall and Reset Windows Mixed Reality in Windows 10

Mixed reality blends real-world and virtual content into hybrid environments where physical and digital objects coexist and interact.

If Windows Mixed Reality isn't running well, or if you want to free up some disk space, you can uninstall it. This will remove user info and return Windows Mixed Reality to default settings, but preinstalled mixed reality apps will remain on your computer.

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This tutorial will show you how to uninstall and reset Windows Mixed Reality to default in Windows 10.

Here's How:

1. Disconnect your headset from your PC's USB 3.0 port and HDMI out port.

2. Close the Mixed Reality Portal app if open.

3. Open Settings, and click/tap on click/tap on the Mixed reality icon. (see screenshot below)

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4. Click/tap on Uninstall on the left side, and click/tap on the Uninstall button on the right side. (see screenshot below)

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5. Click/tap on Next to confirm. (see screenshot below)

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6. Click/tap on Restart now to finish. (see screenshot below)

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7. The Mixed reality page will be removed from Settings. (see screenshot below)

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8. If you want to start using Windows Mixed Reality again in the future, open the Mixed Reality Portal app to set up your Windows Mixed Reality headset.

That's it,

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