Share Files and Folders Over a Network in Windows 10  

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    UnsharedMan said: View Post
    This has given me an idea, is it possible to create a user on each PC just for the purpose of sharing and then saving the login details in such a way that it won't require inputting each time a PC wants access?
    Requiring password protected sharing would be the easiest way to prevent others on the network from being able to access the shares without having to mess with advanced file and sharing permissions.
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    UnsharedMan said: View Post
    Perhaps I should clarify...

    Solution for UnsharedMan's request:
    Share a resource with selected users on your network, with individual permissions for each (should you want that).

    A. Set-up the users.
    1 - open computer management (compmgmt.msc)
    2 - expand to Local User and Groups > Users
    3 - right-click in the list pane (or users folder in the tree pane) > add new user
    4 - fill the forms accordingly..
    - name and password
    - uncheck users must change passwords and select user cannot change password (and 'password never expires', should you want to)
    5 - press create button
    5.1 - for security reasons, you should change the member group to guest:
    - right-click on the newly created user and select properties
    - switch to members of tab
    - delete the default users group
    - press add (new group) > type 'guests' in the enter objects names field > press check name button > press OK (if the query was successful)
    Repeat the process (3 to 5.1) for all the individual network users you want to add (different names and passwords, obviously)
    NOTE: this method does not create regular accounts on your system (with user folders and logon entries).

    B. Set-up the shares.
    1 - right-click on the folder you want to share
    2 - properties > share tab > advanced sharing > (make desired changes in this window) > permissions
    3 - remove everyone from the list
    4 - pres add button
    5 - type the name you entered in step A-4 in the enter objects names field > press check name button > press OK (if the query was successful)
    6 - select the read/write permissions you desire for this user
    Repeat steps 4 to 6 in this section for all the users you want to share this particular resource with
    7 - confirm all windows until done

    C. Give the network users their credentials (name and password).

    This method offers granular control over shares (individual users with individual permissions).
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    Thank you angelotti.

    I solved my problem in a similar way but forgot to mention it here.

    I simple created a new user on all the PCs called "Sharing" and gave them the same password(to remember easily) and stored the credentials on all the PCs and gave Read/Write permissions to the "Sharing" user on each PC's shared folders.

    It eventually dawned on me that HomeGroup was kind of a psuedo-user with a password and permissions and so I tried to recreate that and it works.
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    Hi Brink great tutorial as usual.

    I could not help but notice in step 1 you say to enable " Function Discovery Resource Publication "

    In most of the posts I have read on Ten Forums they also suggest to enable " Function Discovery Provider Host "

    Are you suggesting that Function Discovery Provider Host is not necessary.
    you also have to have for network discovery so you can "SEE" the other computer shares these services on
    ::::::ALL Automatic Start::::::.
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    Hi there,

    Being an advanced Windows user I am kind of puzzled on why I am now unable to easily share some folders between my two Windows 10 computers which are sitting on the same network.

    I have followed the tutorial, indeed my services were switched off (why?) and I can now see the computers under network.

    I have shared an HDD (using advanced sharing though, my SHARE button is greyed out and for the love of God I cannot find why - yes, my Sharing Wizard is enabled). I have "everyone" set as default but still I cannot access the share from the other PC.

    If I enable password protection, then my user is not recognised. If I disabled it, the system just says I do not have permission to access the share.

    Please can someone help me? I would think that in 2018 having two Windows 10 PC on the same network would have been a piece of cake but...

    Thank you!
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    Thanks for the Tutorial Brink, i hate networking with a passion as it always falls down,maybe I'll get it right this time with your help and get my missus of my back so she can use my printer and give me some piece. :)
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    I have managed to get some of it set up, but not all of it and I can't work out why ?

    As instructed I have set my two computers to the same settings as described in option one.
    My main machine Z97-WS, is the one that I have set up to share it's Data Drive and it's Storage Drive.
    These are being shared with my other machine Z97-A using this method .........

    This PC/right click on the drive/properties/sharing/advanced sharing/ tick the box share this folder and tick all permissions for everyone. Have set the maximum users as 20.
    Function Discovery Resource Publication, and Function Discovery Provider Host have been set as instructed.
    But in my sharing machine the Z97-WS, Function Discovery Resource Publication, is now showing Automatic (Trigger Start)

    The two machines are connected with a new 3 metre CAT6 crossover cable.In Z97-A I am able to access the Data drive in Z97-WS, but not the Storage drive ? I am being told that I do not have permission.

    I deleted all of the Data in Z97-A and selected all the data in Z97-WS then dragged to the empty Data drive in Z97-A. It was so painfully slow and frequently stopping transferring, that the progress box was stating that it would take more than a day to complete to transfer 40GB.

    I abandoned that option and instead selected the data again in Z97-WS, right clicked and used the option 'Send To' and navigated to the Data drive in Z97-A. It took 17 minutes to transfer the 40GB.

    The Z97-WS machine is a slightly higher spec than the Z97-A, but it has always been quite a bit slower in response.

    Also, when the etheret cable is connected, it knocks out my USB Dongle internet connection ?
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    Thanks so much for this tutorial. I have been searching for hours, and none of the other documents included all of the items that yours did. Which is why yours worked, and the others didn't.
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    eatsnor said: View Post
    Thanks so much for this tutorial. I have been searching for hours, and none of the other documents included all of the items that yours did. Which is why yours worked, and the others didn't.

    I'm glad it could help eatsnor, and welcome to Ten Forums.
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    Maybe I spoke too soon. Just went to Network again, can't even see the other machine. What could have happened?
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