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Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) boot device belongs to every geeks toolbox. A quote from Wikipedia:

WinPE was originally intended to be used only as a pre-installation platform for deploying Microsoft Windows operating systems, specifically to replace DOS in this respect. WinPE has the following uses:
  • Deployment of workstations and servers in large corporations as well as pre-installation by system builders of workstations and servers to be sold to end users.
  • Recovery platform to run 32-bit or 64-bit recovery tools such as Winternals ERD Commander or Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE).
  • Platform for running third-party 32-bit or 64-bit disk cloning utilities.

Creating a bootable WinPE USB or ISO is fast and easy. This tutorial will show how to create one for your purposes.

Create WinPE or ISO WinPE Create WinPE or ISO
 Create bootable WinPE USB or ISO

1) Download latest Windows 10 ADK (Assessment and Deployment Kit) or Windows Insider Preview ADK

2) You may of course install the full 7 GB ADK, but for our purposes you only need components Deployment Tools and Windows Preinstallation Environment:
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3) When installed, open Deployment and Imaging Tools interface elevated by right clicking it in Start > W > Windows Kits and select More > Run as administrator:
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4) The prompt is quite long. Shorten it by jumping to root of the C: drive with command cd\ (#1 in next screenshot)

5) Create WinPE files with following command (#2):

copype amd64 D:\WinPEx64
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Replace path D:\WinPEx64 with your preferred drive and folder name. The above command creates PE files to be used to boot a 64 bit machine. If you will make PE for 32 bit machine, replace amd64 in command with x86:

copype x86 D:\WinPEx86

6) Plug in a USB flash drive, note its drive letter. Enter following command, replopacing path D:\WinPEx64 with actual pathe to folder where you created the PE files, and drive letter I: with actual drive letter of your USB drive:

MakeWinPEMedia /UFD D:\WinPEx64 I:

If you want to create a WinPE ISO, change the /UFD switch to /ISO and add path and filename where you want to create the ISO file:

MakeWinPEMedia /ISO D:\WinPEx64 F:\WPE64.iso

You will be warned that the USB flash drive will be formatted, Accept with Y:
Click image for larger version. 

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That's it!