Hi there

Windows phones are great but much too late to the party -- going the way of good stuff but not a sufficient market. Not enough applications either (Real applications -- not kiddy games etc).

Remember Betamax (far superior) and VHS wars, Windows (OK) and OS/2 (hugely better but IBM wasn't keen on home users etc), and Sony refusing old Cassette radios to be developed to use Minidiscs instead -- could have been a great format in its time-- I actually still use a small portable mini disc recorder --excellent device even after all these years.

You could have the BEST product in the entire Galaxy - but if you can't market it OK or it is ringed fenced with so many restrictions that people can't use it easily (Minidisc - Closed proprietary ATRAC format and loads of DRM for example) then they'll switch in droves to a less restrictive alternative. - Unfortunately the best designs / devices don't always win in the hard reality of a market place.

On a much more positive note - the Surface Pro 4 will be a HUGE winner --Ms have actually got this 100% right just about in time --travelling Pros who need both a serious laptop and the convenience of a tablet --with a docking station this will blow almost any laptop out of the water --and I suspect a few desktops too --pity I can't run 8 monitors from one of these -- the graphics card in such a small device would probably need enough power to generate sufficient heat to cause Hydrogen Fusion in a nuclear Bomb. !!