March 2021

Release date: 3/09/2021

OS version: 10.0.19041.6736 (xb_flt_2103vb.210303-1700) / Shell version: 2103.0.2103.3001

Customized audio controls in the Xbox app

The Xbox app has been updated to include customizable audio controls for the new Xbox Wireless Headset, including equalizer settings, bass boost, auto-mute sensitivity, mic monitoring, and brightness of the mic’s mute light.

Backward compatible FPS Boost and Auto HDR settings

New toggles have been added for FPS Boost and Auto HDR on backward compatible games. Your selections are applied when the game is restarted. (These options may not be supported in all games.)

Achievements returning to the Xbox app

Based on community feedback, achievements are making a comeback in the Xbox app on mobile, starting with a limited set of players and then rolling out to everyone.

A new way to manage subscriptions

Subscription management is coming to the Xbox console, making it easier to see all your important plan information, including last charge, next charge, end date, and more. See your subscriptions in Settings under Account.

TV listings in OneGuide are going away

In response to customer usage and feedback, beginning this May we’ll be sunsetting live TV listings for OneGuide on Xbox One. You’ll still be able to use OneGuide to view your connected HDMI devices or USB TV tuner, as well as for HDMI-passthrough and watching TV via USB TV tuners.

Improved game management experience

We’ve improved the performance of the Manage screens in My games & apps. After purchasing a game in the Store with support for multiple generations of consoles, the Manage screen clarifies what parts of the bundle are best for your console when you select Choose what to install.

Known issues

We're aware of an issue in which some Xbox Series X|S controllers are losing connection with the console. If you see this behavior, try reconnecting the controller to the console wirelessly or with a USB cable, or if possible, connecting another controller and then submitting feedback. Then reboot the console and try reconnecting the controller.

There’s an issue in which the audio mixer may not be adjustable.

Some players have reported that the icon for a disc-based title is not appearing on the dashboard.

My games & apps
Some games might appear with an incorrect “Trial” tag in My games & apps.

My games & apps may close unexpectedly when viewing “Shrinkable games”.

Profile color
The incorrect profile color may appear when turning on the console.

FPS Boost
FPS Boost settings may not apply properly on games that are launched via Quick Resume. To ensure that the proper setting is applied, make sure you launch the game, press the Xbox button, highlight the game in the guide, press the Menu button, and quit the game. Relaunching the game after this process will apply the proper FPS boost settings.

Source: Xbox Support