U.S. States Would Like to Break Up Google

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    U.S. States Would Like to Break Up Google

    U.S. States Would Like to Break Up Google

    Posted: 06 Jun 2020

    The U.S. states that are investigating Google for antitrust violations are leaning towards breaking up the firm, CNBC reports. The resulting breakup would split the firmís advertising business away from the rest of the company.

    There are 50 state attorneys general investigating Google alongside a separate U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation, and itís possible that the two will charge the company together. But either way, Google is expected to face U.S. antitrust charges within a few months.

    According to the CNBC report, the states are currently weighing several options to punish Google for its abuses, including behavioral changes and some combination of behavior and structural changes. But the leading option, right now, appears to be breaking up the firm...

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    Brink's Avatar Posted By: Brink
    06 Jun 2020

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    Just like with the telephone industry, they'll break up Google only for it to all come back together 20-30 years later. Ma Bell -> AT&T.
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    Hmmm.... the timing smells like political blackmail.

    That said, I've been arguing this for years. People scream and holla about Microsoft but completely ignore Google.
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    Hi there
    Just another Lawyers fest again (the only winners in this type of dispute).

    Remember many years ago I think the same tactics were employed to attempt to break up both IBM and Microsoft -- tactic just didn't work. It won't work with GOOGLE either.

    These days anyway if people don't want to use services provided by these companies there are other alternatives -- for some Linux is a perfectly OK OS as an alternative to Windows - even the latest Linux distros can be made at times to appear more Windows than Windows !!! while duckduckgo etc can be used as an alternate search engine and for browsers there's more choice than ever.

    Just because a company is Big isn't enough IMO to shut it down -- only if one can prove that it acts irresponsibly, prevents (actively) other people from doing business or interferes with the security of the country its operating in then OK but so far nobody has proved that Google has breached any of those criteria.

    Just because Google collects user data - it's doing no differently from any other company out there doing e-commerce --ok on a bigger scale but so what. Even small companies have customer data and sales stats -- they want to know what's selling and if stuff is no good then they can move on to different products.

    In any case don't the tax authorities in any jurisdiction (State,Provincial, Local city, National etc) do exactly the same thing with Data collection -- and usually we have far less info over what happens to that data (it's often sold on to 3rd parties) -- remember the Cambridge Analytica data scandal) than with what Google does with it.

    If I have to have adverts thrown at me I'd much rather have ones for stuff I *might* be interested in than in the latest ideas for ladies pink knickers etc !!!

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    There are 50 state attorneys general investigating Google
    - bet they are using Google..

    Go and ogle? Goo and gle(e)?
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    I think that Amazon is the real threat.

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    Compumind said:
    I think that Amazon is the real threat.

    +1 on that - and add "worldwide" to that sentiment
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    galileo said:
    +1 on that - and add "worldwide" to that sentiment
    Hi there
    How can Amazon be the real threat

    It's been an absolute "Life saver" for loads of people while the Corona Virus lockdowns were in place --- do you for 1 micro second think any other company could have organised the massive deliveries etc required during this time.

    And if you are in the US -- what about Alibaba (Stock epic code BABA) that's still traded on US exchanges -- chinese equivalent of Amazon - but even makes Amazon look like a Freeway Panhandler by comparison --owned by a Chinese national and operates similarly to Amazon in China.

    Decent business is decent business --who these days needs to go to boring shopping Malls with "clone chain shops" and probably don't have what you want-- plus rapacious parking charges, town centre panhandlers and beggars, risk of getting caught up in street demos,shootings, muggings, stabbings etc etc etc.

    Amazon isnīt whiter than the pure driven snow but Iīd rather even in a really safe country like Iceland use them for a load of shopping while going out to town for decent experience things such as restaurants, bars, saunas, swimming etc etc.

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    The major issues that causes countries to panic over major entities like Microsoft, Google, Apple , and amazon is that they have enough financial power to employ better and more efficient Legal Teams and accountants, most of the big four that I've listed pay negligible amounts of Income/Corporation tax.

    Governments are basically jealous of their earning power, there is an apocryphal story during the DOJ "case" against Microsoft years ago where Bill Gates simply said to the officials, "ok that's fine we can move everything to Canada in a few months and they'll be grateful for our boost to their economy"
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    jimbo45 said:
    Hi there. How can Amazon be the real threat?
    In the USA - but also applies elsewhere -

    1) They made a huge mistake by having 3rd party sellers be marketed. No counterfeit and/or low quality goods. Everything should be checked (for sourcing) and Shipped and Sold by Amazon.
    2) Amazon is helping to quickly destroy brick and mortar retail sales as we know it by dramatically undercutting price om many items..People are losing jobs.
    3) Bezos is the richest man in the world and does not pay their employees very well for their very hard work, IMHO. He can pay for everything else, though.
    4) Sometimes, you don't know what you are getting with electronics - like revision levels. Some items just sit in their warehouses.
    5) The company has their hand in too many things - like food, drugs, space, web services, etc. Like a monopoly.

    Hey, I use them myself!

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