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@Brink !!!

good stuff indeed.

however if you've ever been on any sort of train journey in the UK -- you don't need the "Crowded" part --it's either always Full or absolutely horrendous that the "Animal Rights soceity would probably condemn if Cattle were transported like that. Of course though if you've got some type of military or good training regimen -- then just fight your way on and stand for a 2 hr ride !!!" --- mind you the fares will so lighten your wallet that you'll probably lose a few kg with all the money you have to spend to get on to the wretched things in the first place !!! --320 KM trip walk on London to Manchester -- over 200 GBP / nearly 300 USD !!!! at peak times --I can fly from Iceland to Madrid far cheaper !!!.

Otherwise google maps really works --this seems to be one of those better apps on phones etc that is definitely fit for purpose.