Google working to fight disinformation online  

    Google working to fight disinformation online

    Google working to fight disinformation online

    Posted: 26 Sep 2018
    Today, the European Commission published a Code of Practice on Disinformation in Europe -- a code we helped create. The Code is the next step in the work we’re already doing with experts and publishers worldwide to elevate quality information online and support news literacy.

    Today, people have more information at their fingertips than ever before, and a free and open web is a vital resource for web users and businesses the world over. But some seek to exploit the web’s freedoms for harm, including by spreading disinformation—verifiably false information deliberately intended to deceive. Here are five ways we're investing globally to connect people to quality information online:

    1. Improving Search to connect people to quality information

    People expect to get great results in Search, and we fail in our mission if we surface poor quality or misleading results. We’re constantly evolving our approach to get people to the best and most useful results and over the years, we've invested significantly in protections against spam, ​bots, ​and ​other ​attempts ​to game ​our ​search ​results. In 2017, we announced that we’d made improvements to our evaluation methods and algorithmic updates to surface more authoritative content. Every year we make thousands of improvements to Search to improve the quality of results for the wide range of queries Google sees every day. In 2017, we ran more than 270,000 experiments, with trained external Search Quality Evaluators and live user tests, resulting in more than 2,400 improvements to Search. To better deal with inappropriate Autocomplete predictions, we launched a feedback tool last year to inform improvements to our systems. We also updated our Autocomplete policies to prevent poor or offensive predictions.

    2. Cutting the flow of money to scammers and misrepresentative websites

    In recent years we’ve seen a rise in scammers trying to take advantage of the growing popularity of online news to make money. So we prohibit websites in our ad network from serving ads on misrepresentative content. Essentially this means that you can’t serve ads if you’re pretending to be a legitimate news website based in London when you’re actually a content scammer in a different city. By cutting off the flow of money to this kind of activity, we hope to remove the incentive to create it.

    3. Supporting the future of journalism with the Google News Initiative

    High-quality reporting by journalists and news organizations is crucial in the fight against disinformation. We’re committed to helping publishers grow their traffic, their audience, their subscriptions and their revenue for the long haul—last year, we paid $12.6 billion to publisher partners and drove 10 billion clicks a month to publishers’ websites for free. In 2015, to sustain innovation in digital journalism, we created the Digital News Initiative (DNI) with a €150million fund. We’ve built products in partnership with publishers to directly address challenges faced by the news industry, from the open-source Accelerated Mobile Pages to optimize content for the mobile web to Subscribe with Google and Player for Publishers, which make it easier for publishers to host and monetize their content. And most recently we launched the global Google News Initiative to help journalism thrive in the digital age, with a commitment of $300 million over the next three years. We believe this will help strengthen quality journalism, evolve business models to drive sustainable growth, and empower news organizations through technological innovation.

    4. “Fact-check” labels in Google News and Search

    We introduced fact-check labels to Google News and Google Search results to let publishers highlight fact-checked content and help people find and more easily consult articles that provide a critical outlook on claims made by others. Beyond its value to users, this feature helps support the work of the fact-checking community—a fast-growing field, with more than 150 organizations trying to tackle accuracy in the media as well as traditional publishers engaging in fact-checking work.

    5. Funding innovation and research into disinformation

    Newsrooms, researchers and civil society are also working to tackle this issue. To help these organizations, we’ve funded research; we’re partnering in industry initiatives like First Draft and Cross Check that help newsrooms fight misinformation; and we’re working with newsrooms and other platforms on standards for online credibility through the Trust Project.

    We’re clear on our ultimate goal—to get people access to useful and relevant information from authoritative sources. We'll keep working with partners around the world to make it happen.

    Source: Working together to fight disinformation online
    Brink's Avatar Posted By: Brink
    26 Sep 2018

  1. Posts : 46
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    Who's disinformation, Googles. I always despair when i see stuff like this. The Media and Big Business are some of the worst offenders.
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  2. Posts : 94
    Win 10 17134.228

    tes google working hard to give you search results that are either 3 years out of date, irrelevant to what you were looking for, or both.
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  3. Posts : 5,400
    Windows 11 Home

    What is the truth? Whatever majority think it is, at the moment.
    120 years ago everyone knew, that nothing heavier than air can fly.
    20 years ago scientists knew, that nothing is faster than the speed light.
    10 years ago doctors knew, that the chicken soup against a flu is placebo.
    If people would never challenge "the truth" we would still be living in dark ages.
    People should have an access to all information and then decide for themselves.
    Truth does not need the protection, lies do, because the devil is hidden in details.
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  4. Posts : 46
    Windows 10

    The problem is the media like BBC, CNN, SkyNews, RT and many others have be caught peddling fake news and lies.

    Yes just give us the news and truth with spin, your opinions and such and let us decide.
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  5. Posts : 622
    Windows 10 Pro x64

    IAmNoOne said:
    tes google working hard to give you search results that are either 3 years out of date, irrelevant to what you were looking for, or both.
    I agree except getting results from 2005, UK and India products and reviews when searching from the USA that you can't buy in the USA, SafeSearch which block 0% offensive content actually I get offensive content searching for anything from cat behavior to a broken printer.
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  6. Posts : 751
    Windows 10 Pro 64-bits

    Well, that's the next logical step, after Facebook, Twitter, etc., started to censor content. Google, with its monopolistic powers is the last step in controlling information flow on the web. Sort of hearing the submarine hatch closing behind me...

    Watch 60 Minutes: The Power of Google - Full show on CBS All Access

    Stick to techie stuff and you'll be fine, unless you keep complaining about Google...
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  7. Posts : 7,724
    3-Win-7Prox64 3-Win10Prox64 3-LinuxMint20.2

    Google has already showed how far it will go
    Working with China to sensor
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  8. Posts : 751
    Windows 10 Pro 64-bits

    ThrashZone said:
    Google has already showed how far it will go
    Working with China to sensor
    Are you trying to say, that doing it in the US is just another feather on Google's hat?
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  9. KCR
    Posts : 354
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    JohnMarchant said:
    The problem is the media like BBC, CNN, SkyNews, RT and many others have be caught peddling fake news and lies.

    Lol, perhaps some of our most dedicated defenders. . . protecting us against falsehood. .

    These guys !! .

    Last edited by KCR; 28 Sep 2018 at 03:18.
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