I have a frustrating problem with my new Win10 Kaby Lake build and random sound glitches. As this is a new system with new components and all the latest drivers this really shouldn't be happening. Please bare with me as I describe what's going on.

Whilst using the PC to watch/listen to media there are occasional stutters/pops/glitches with the sound - this isn't the worst part. They are completely random and I can't seem to induce it. Sometimes I'm actively working, browsing online, or I can be running media fullscreen and not doing anything else - all other apps closed. This can be with media that's streamed, i.e. coming from the network, on local drives, or via a TV tuner card. On other occasions the sound problems will start and then continue rhythmically - in a warbling way, like being underwater - until I intervene. This happens system wide so when it starts, it affects every sound playing at that time. The way I have to fix this is by going into the device's properties, and changing the "Default Format" to anything but the current setting. So far, no matter the setting that this is left at, this glitching still randomly occurs and has to be kicked by changing the default format and, by default, the only options available to me are 1 or 2 channel, 16 or 24 bit, 48000Hz, DVD or Studio Quality - others become available if I change the Focusrite elsewhere. Changing from say DVD to Studio instantly stops the warble, like it's restarting the audio system.

Currently I'm on a fresh install of the Creators Update, using a i5-7600K on an Asus TUF Z270 Mark 1. I'm not using the onboard sound card, I'm using a Focusrite Scarlett Solo (external USB) and have disabled all other sound devices - e.g. the NVIDIA outputs. My previous build, with the Anniversary Update, and a Gigabyte GA-Z270A-Gaming K5 motherboard experienced the exact same problems with both the onboard Realtek sound card and the Focusrite - this was part of the reason I naively got the Focusrite in the first place, and then subsequently switched to the Asus.

I've been researching this and others with stuttering seem to have problems related to Realtek drivers, wireless network adapters, Intel NIC's, or something else. I don't believe these apply as a) I haven't used the Realtek hardware since my first problems with the Gigabyte, b) I don't a wireless adapter, c) the Gigabyte had a Killer NIC and not Intel NIC.

I'm currently running LatencyMon and ISR and DPC counts for Wdf01000.sys, dxgkrnl.sys and ACPI.sys are constantly going up. I have tried disabling both NIC's on this Asus motherboard and no dice, the counts still go up.

Does anybody have a clue what's going on? Or have an idea of a fix? This is incredibly annoying and is making me wish I never bothered building a new system.