Windows 10 Speakers/Networking Problem

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    Windows 10 Speakers/Networking Problem

    Hey guys,
    I apologise if someone has already solved this problem but i have searched high and low, re installed sound drivers and everything i can possibly think of, all except rolling back OS.

    OK, so i upgraded to Windows 10 a few weeks back, at first it looked like an improvement, but i'm slowly discovering things windows 10 has screwed up settings with my computer.

    Speakers: My speaker setup is pretty straight forward. I have logitech X530 speakers. 5.1 surround, however only using it as 2.1 on this computer. The green audio jack is plugged into the back of the computer and up until windows 10 worked beautifully. Once i installed windows 10, while the speakers still work they don't disable the internal speakers once they are plugged in, which is very annoying especially when trying to use headphones.
    NOTE** The internal speakers will not disable when a) external speakers are plugged into the back of pc
    b) headphones plugged into speakers plugged into back of pc
    c) headphones plugged into side headphone port of pc

    Originally my computer came installed with Beats Audio Control Settings, and i think i installed Realtek HD Drivers from memory, though i could be wrong.
    After upgrading to windows 10, the beats audio had completely gone from my PC, though since then by reinstalling drivers etc i have managed to get it back although it doesn't help me much.

    When i click on the speaker icon in the bottom right hand corner i get my audio listed as: Speakers/Headphones - IDT HD Audio Codec, which is default. and Communications headphones IDT HD Audio Codec, and thats all. When i plug headphones into the side headphone jack, the communications headphones registers i have them connected, but as stated before wont disable internals.

    My final straw will be to take the computer apart and cut the wires to the internal speakers. Hopefully someone will have a resolution though, i can't be the only one.

    Secondly, and not as important, after the windows 10 update i noticed i wasnt able to log into my PC remotely on the same network. For example i could download a file on my pc, to any folder and go to any other computer or media server, type the IP address and be prompted with a sign in, username and password. This would be the credentials used for the computer where the file was located, and i could browse that computer from a different computer. Now i am promted with the sign in page, but no matter what i type it continues to pop up and keep asking - it doesn't say its incorrect un or pw, it just disappears and re appears and expects me to type it again... If it fairly straight forward is there a setting on windows 10 that disabled remote sharing?
    I know i can share folders to the network, but i kind of liked being able to navigate the whole computer without sharing all my files to everyone on the network.

    Thank You in Advance!
    Hopefully this will be resolved

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    I suppose I would ask why are you running an IDT HD Audio Codec when your system has a Realtek device. There are Win 10 drivers for your system, or so it appears, you might check. On Win 10 I like to use the OEM drivers if some are written for that device so my speakers/Headphone show as Realtek High Definition Audio.

    You may need to use other drivers in addition to the Audio because chipset drivers can effect how other devices are picked up.

    Maybe also check the Device Manager and see if any devices are showing as not functioning. You should have a Realtek mixer control on the hidden icons section.

    Windows 10 Speakers/Networking Problem-realtekicon.jpg
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    Thanks for the quick reply.
    The best answer i can give for why i am running IDT HD Audio, is "I have no idea". lol
    Win 10 upgrade seems like it deleted everything, deleted Beats Audio Equalizer, Realtek and who knows what else.
    I tried to reinstall everything from what i remembered it as before i upgraded.
    I don't even have that logo in the bottom right corner, i just have the default windows sound logo.
    As for Device Manager nothing is showing as disabled or not working... I just have these options:

    Audio Inputs and Outputs:
    Microhpone (IDT HD Audio)
    Speakers/Headphones (IDT HD Audio)
    Stereo Mix (IDT HD Audio)

    Sound, Video and Game Controllers:
    IDT HD Audio Codec

    I don't even understand what IDT HD Audio is and where it has come from if its not installed with Windows 10.

    Is there a way i can safely rollback drivers and download the OEM ones?
    As for chipsets, i don't know how to identify what type i have or how to upgrade software for them.

    I'm downloading the Realtek drivers again, should i be getting the HD ones or the AC97 ones?
    I don't know why i'm trying to install them again, isn't the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? lol

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    Download a program like: it should tell you all the particulars about system.
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    Cheers I'll check it out.

    Just went though device manager and made sure all drivers were up to date, and they are. I uninstalled them all Realtek ones first, and then the IDT ones - as i was uninstalling the IDT ones it says you wont be able to use speakers etc etc, had to restart the PC - once it loaded up the sound still works (somewhat) and the IDT is still installed... I went back to device manager and went to update drivers, and they are still all up to date, its like it didnt even delete.

    Taking a few screws out of the back and cutting the wires sounds like the easiest option. And for anyone reading - DON'T upgrade to Windows 10 - looks good but thats about it.

    Cheers guys
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    I don't know about that "DON'T upgrade to Windows 10 - looks good but thats about it" works super here and no troubles like that.
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