so i was talking to a friend a week ago about tech stuff and he showed me his new 2015 issue Macbook Pro 15. Notwithstanding some awful issues they do have, he was amazed at the sound so I took a test drive.
I agree: the speaker/audio fidelity and quality is superb - the best I have heard on any notebook in the last 6 years or so. I have no idea what magic they did to get the volume, range, separation, etc so well-executed in something that is as thin or thinner than, say, my zenbook ux305 [awful, embarassing audio].

But, apple has experience: anyone listened to the el cheapo first generation iPad Mini ? the audio volume and quality beats every notebook in the class, and is on par with the newish Air 2 [which is better but not by much]

those who had the earlier ['14] models are stunned also. they made huge improvement and really didn't say much about it in the specs etc released.

What Intel/Microsoft notebook of comparable size can match it?