Which audio driver and maually installing Realtek Audio Control app

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    Wobitancrawfodi said:

    Can I just run HDA drivers over an ALC408x and be done with it?
    no sorry. does not work that way

    standard/legacy HDA nonUAD/nonDCH drivers don't support nor recognize usb based ALC408x audio hardware.
    regular UAD/DCH drivers are for standard ALC2xx/6xx/8xx/115x/12xx audio chipsets.

    ask/contact MSI about the audio driver & realtek audio console/control app problems on your MSI MEG Z790 Ace board and ask them instead.
    or post in the MSI forum's Gaming boards section and get advice from there

    personally I stay away and avoid any boards (whether from Asus, Asrock, Gigabyte, MSI, etc.) that have ALC405x/ALC408x and get any board with ALC8xx/ALC12xx
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    I personally go with dedicated audio and not lean on the motherboard's crap. But that's just me...
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    F22 Simpilot said:
    I personally go with dedicated audio and not lean on the motherboard's crap. But that's just me...
    As in a discrete audio card? I wish!

    One of the major problems with mainstream motherboards is a massive lack of PCIe lanes.
    Sadly, HEDT is dead, and A$6000 for a bottom of the line Threadripper is out of my range.
    HEDT had 10G LAN on motherboards 5 years ago. All current mainstream boards have only 2.5, unless I want to pay A$2200 for a motherboard, So I had to buy a 10G LAN Adapter as all of my infrastructure here is 10G and I move a ton of data around every day.

    So, as much as I might want a better audio solution, I'm stuck with motherboard audio unless I want to give up 50% of my GPU bandwidth.

    But on the positive side. I managed to get the USB Audio and Realtek Audio console working. With the latest console version too :)
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    Yeah, they sell USB audio cards...Sound Blaster - Creative Labs (United States)

    Sad day when motherboards now-a-days are costly huge sums of money and yet lack the features we've come to know and expect. The f787k is the world coming to?

    For the price you pay for this crap - yes, crap, you can actually have a custom built motherboard. I kid you not. There are plenty of fabs that'll do it for you, but are pricey. With the cost of just a mundane motherboard today I think you'd be money ahead me thinks.

    Heck, with AI now sweeping the market GPUs are going the way of the dodo bird for gaming... If I only had the capital I could fab GPUs and motherboards for the gaming industry . There's a market for it, may not be like it used to be, may not pull in more greed head money as AI, but at least it's an honest company not hell bent on capitalizing on BS AI and whatnot and instead capitalize on my customer's needs and wishes.
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    Indeed. I can't get over the corporate greed. Sure things do go up in price, and generally come down as the technology matures, but the prices now are insane. I recently bought a MSI MEG Z790 Ace for my main PC. It was on special for A$1077 instead of A$1199. And that is A$400 more than I paid for my X299 creator which had 48 PCIe Lanes and 10G onboard and a sh*t ton of USB and SATA, and even 3xM.2 slots for a 5 years old board. (This is the PC I've been trying to come to grips with for the USB Audio and the reason for the OP).

    DDR5 is a joke too. The CAS Latency on this stuff is horrendous. I bought a 6400mhz dual kit (1DPC 2R) of 2x32GB for A$387 with RGB. Timings 32-42-42-84. My 32GB F4-3600C16Q-32GTZN cost me A$499 @ 16-16-16-36, so at least the memory has come down. Although, my latency has gone from 8.5ns to 10ns, so I've lost out there.

    I have a look at the sound cards you linked. Thanks for that.

    At least for now, I finally have everything working. It may not be the bees knees, but at least it's functional.
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    Yeah, I figured DDR5 was a joke - marketing joke.... No real need for it right now anyways I think. Well, let's put it this way. The old rig I'm using now can play ARK, COD, Ghost Recon, GTA V, etc with no issues. It's just an i7 7700 (non K sku) and DDR4! LOL! Well, add the RTX 3060...

    Your motherboard cost $700 American. Damn, son! LOL Look what they cost here: Amazon.com

    Which audio driver and maually installing Realtek Audio Control app-cvxfbfx.jpg

    I like the marketing crap of "godlike." Yeah, god like if you're a freaking baller!
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    Yep, everything is grossly over priced here.
    take care,
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    I thought so...
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    better yet, OP should do what this person did earlier this August.
    read the following thread over on eleven forum:

    Sound Cards that don't make popping noises. | Windows 11 Forum
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