I bought these overpriced speakers (70 bucks) and expected them to perform better than my 10+ year old speaker(s, the left side is dead) but nope, these Z207 are very ANNOYING due to a multitude of things:

- I use them wired and the bluetooth is off but they sound worse than a single Logitech LS11 speaker with mono turned on. All enhancement on or off don't matter, they still lack.
- The sound volume fluctuates and there is a stark difference between YouTube, Windows OS sounds & while gaming, especially while gaming, it's like the non-existing equalizer suddenly wants to freestyle while I game.
- It has a (hidden ?) standby mode and I'll notice when I leave the PC idle and come back, the speakers will play a 'wake up' sound
- I have Nvidia HD sound and not realtek. The classic realtek audio manager is missing even when installed.

Is there any possible way to tackle these things* or will I throw them out the window?

* Disable the hidden 'standby' mode & sound, somehow remove the sound fluctuating while gaming, not having to go to setting over and over to try and get the right sound.