thanks very much hroldan

I have actually tried to do as you suggest above ( & previously)
but when I got to the point of importing that xml file, i found it, & clicked "open"...but nothing seemed to happen? should i see some dialog boxes or whatever , at that point?
i tried several times & even waited for a while ...but nothing...and in checking itunes, the songs were not back there...what am I doing wrong?

Also, somewhere along the way I uninstalled the itunes apps, right now, I have NO itunes app on my computer so I think the only place my songs are now, isin that XML file.

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Then use the import function (on FILE), and proceed to import your XML file,

can you please give me step-by-step instructions (what to click or right-click ...etc) exactly how to do this...?

- - - Updated - - -


By Jove! I think I did it!
I was using the wrong import option under FILE. (I was using "add file" not "import playlist") sheesh!

All songs are back there now!

Thanks hr, and all!