i had it unplugged from power last night, so that's hours it had, went to boot it up, and i had a brief scare of my computer giving beeping noises and the power button flashing orange. i had a thought and after unplugging it, i popped out the coin-cell battery the motherboard uses and tested it, sure enough it needed to be replaced (which is BS, it was a fresh duracell 2032 battery that i put in there at least 2 years ago, it definitely should've lasted longer i think), did so, hooked everything back up, booted up, everything was fine

the TL;DR is this sound card works perfectly, havent seen any of the problems my old card gave me, it definitely was what i needed, so thanks for the recommendation Ghot. also, just wanted to say, i looked into the BIOS settings for my motherboard.....i am one blind MOFO, there WAS a setting to disable the Onboard Audio Controller after all, i just didnt pay attention enough, so that's egg on my face. Either way, problem solved, thanks for the help guys