No sound from Left & Right channels :- (

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    [SOLVED] No sound from Left & Right channels :- (


    I've decided to reinstall my windows. But rather than using existing drive. I ended up getting new one so I'm now dual botting.
    Now the fun part, I decided to take my time, do restarts be slow with it and make sure its all "good" this was not part of the deal.
    I've used my trusted APO sound app (Equalizer APO download | Everything was fine until today...
    I noticed no sounds! Left & Rich channels have no sound(5.1 set). Centre & rear left/right appear to work. Subwuffer is somehow lost too - partially.

    I've no idea how to fix it. I've uninstalled apo, drivers, reinstalled all from 0. I mean WTF ?! I never had anything like this before.
    Any ideas?

    There is literally no sound coming out of green jack, I tried swapping it with back. I also jumped bot to old windows, sound work fine there. Its only here broken ;[

    Windows 10x64
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    Which OS please
    as on your member details
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    Windows 7
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    and indeed your computer spec
    OS: Windows 7

    or windows 10 and if so what OS is it dual booting with
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    Oh snap so sorry!!!
    Windows 10x64
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    Disconnect the original drive
    Boot from the newly installed windows on the new drive
    The reconfigure the sound settings on that drive
    See if it then works
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    Mmm interesting. I'll give it a go, but its m2 so a bit of a pain... will try to find some time for it.
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    I've found that there's differences in the sound adapter on the motherboards and also with add-in sound cards, mainly in some have only 3 ports with the center light green most commonly used with output to speakers and other setups have 6 ports, have seen the light green and black in use once but there may be other combinations with them. On the 3 port setup one is the output, one is the line in and one is the microphone.
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    BIt of an update
    I have Aorus extreme x399 (2990wx cpu) + Logitech Z906
    It has 5 ports on back + spdi digital.
    I did windows reset - that did not help
    I got SPDI cable, that gives me 5.1 sound, but there is no 5.1 mode! Its 2.1, or 4.1, or "effects" no true 5.1 its retarded. I need DTS/Dolby content, and neither youtuber/spotify or my games provide it. So that was a waste of 9 lol.
    I will do full reinstall over weekend and 1st thing I will check will be sounds.
    I could swear that last time I installed windows I had full 5.1 sound... well see over weekend.
    If that does not work, then I'll unplug old windows hdd and see if that help... ehh not looking forward to unpluging my gpu + other parts ;/

    TIA for help so far ! ^^

    I must say that realtek drivers got very bad over the years. In past when I plug a cable in port, I had popup with what it is/etc. But in latest drivers, there is nothing. really bad software :- (
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    I have no knowledge of this APO download but the sound should be very easy to set up on this board
    From your user manual please see page 22 of the online pdf

    you will see that the ports are listed i, j, l, m and n

    You connect the speakers as shown on page 22
    i - centre/subwoofer
    j - rear speaker
    l - side speaker out
    m- front speaker out
    n - side speaker out

    BEAR IN MIND please that L is also line in and N is also MIC IN
    so as it says on page 22
    you need to configure those ports to be side speaker out if that is what you wish

    That is done by right clicking the speaker icon in the notifications area and selecting sounds
    you then on ther window that opens select your realtek HD audio and click the configure button
    you then on that window select the setup you wish - with the speakers connected as in the chart on page 22
    you click next and it will proceed to that diagram
    you click next again until you get to CONFIGURATION complete
    when you then click Finish

    You may go back at anytime from those windows to return having set them, to the layout of the speaker window, where you may click on any individual speaker to test the sound.

    I suggest you try that WITHOUT this third party app and then when you get that working you will then know of the problem is the audio jack sockets or your speaker setup
    As at the present time you do not know if it is the setup or the third party app
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    Thought this may help
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails No sound from Left & Right channels :- (-screenshot-2021-10-28-001642.png  
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    Ok an update!
    So I did a full format/reinstall & started checking for sound! Everything works!
    So I set up os, installed all/etc/etc... bla bla bla. Long story short, I had to dual boot to old OS to get some stuff... and here is the fun part.
    When I restart PC, I get blue screen with 2 windows to pick.
    If I pick new windows, he just show login screen.
    If I pick OLD windows, it restarts pc and log the other windows...
    And here is the kicker, when he does that, he ****s up the sound!!!
    The old windows has sound, but when I restart again in to new OS, I have no sound!!! ;[[[[[

    So for fix... I did this >
    Shut down pc, grab some food 1-2 min
    Botted up - still no sound,
    So I run this command shutdown.exe -s -t 00 -f
    People on net suggested to sleep pc, but for some reason I could not so I used command above.
    The system starts and boom sound is back!!!
    So it looks like dual boot sound issue. Actually when I googled I got a lot more results than looking for missing channels left/right.
    I think its partial glitch where 2 channels get lost but remaining 3 work fine.. .Ehh live!
    Anyway all works now so yay! I also have "fix" for future ffs....

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