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    Windows 11 Pro (x64)(v22H2)(Build 22621.521)

    sandyt said:
    Just install from asus' website. Mokichu's driver will also install sonic studio.

    If you don't want sonic studio, don't buy asus stuff.
    Not all ASUS motherboards have this sonic studio addon...
    for example
    My motherboard: Asus PRIME X570-PRO (BIOS_r4403 [04/27/2022])
    and drivers: Realtek UAD Drivers: (v6.0.9403.1)

    I use Mokichu's ASUS/Realtek audio driver re-pack,
    but I choose to install only the base one.. which does not include addons like Sonic studio.......

    "- Realtek Audio Drivers (UAD - ASUS ROG/TUF/PRIME RTK) :"

    it says his audio chip is ..
    ROG SupremeFX8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC S1220

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    Windows 10

    Melchior said:
    I use Mokichu's ASUS/Realtek audio driver re-pack,
    but I choose to install only the base one.. which does not include addons like Sonic studio.......
    Stop giving useless advice.

    Your motherboard doesn't even come with Sonic Studio. Of cource you "choose" the "base" one. Sonic Studio won't even install on your computer. And since you have a plain Realtek Audio Console, I don't see the reason to have Mokichu's drivers installed on your computer for a mere 6 weeks advantage over OEM+MUC update (which right now is 6.0.9391.1). My much simpler method will get you 6.0.9403.1 in 6 weeks time.

    His motherboard comes with sonic studio, which I explained clearly in my sticky tutorial --- the equalizer in Realtek Audio Console is removed from those computers with premium audio packages. Not installing the premium audio app will not bring back the equalizer in Realtek Audio Console.

    From Mokichu's own post, he gave the exact same advice that if you don't install sonic studio, you lose the EQ. And you can do that with the Asus' official drivers as well, unzip the asus download zip file, delete the sonic studio folder within that unzipped folder and then install the official driver.

    I dont want Sonic Studio iii & Rader.

    I dont want Sonic Studio iii & Rader. - Page 2
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    Windows 10

    It's not a focus on your work.

    It's that your work for 99% of the population is unnecessary.

    Even in your own "update" instructions, you have "forced deletion". Why would my instruction of him having to DDU his computer be unreasonable? It is perfectly reasonable for me to tell him that he needs to DDU his computer when he comes back into the oem world.

    If you merely assembled oem drivers, then there is no need for forced deletion. You don't see Windows Update completely deleting our drivers when it automatically installs a new driver update. My OEM+MUC method never needs forced deletion. Acer back in 2018/2019 had cmd installs method for their uad drivers, didn't require complete deletion of old drivers. Are you telling me that there is some sort of invisible magical driver "embargo" (i.e. newspaper reporters gets detailed white house briefing 2-3 hours in advance but cannot release the news report until the US president announced it later in the afternoon) that requires forced deletion? Somehow the magical ermbargo disappear 6 weeks after your release and suddenly it doesn't require forced deletion in the MUC world.

    Why would somebody like Melchior (who has a plain uad driver) need your drivers anyway?
    1) Melchior can install the oem driver and wait for windows update to push new drivers.
    2) Melchior can install the oem driver and do a MUC download/install himself to 6.0.9391.1 and be 6 weeks behind you.

    I didn't tell x6205 that you are untrustworthy. I specifically told him that he is relying on your generosity which you can suddenly disappear (get a job promotion, get married and have a baby...).Again perfectly reasonable to not rely on a single individual.
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  4. Jza
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 2004

    I for one appreciated all of Mokichu's contributions when he did so for us MSI users.
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    Windows 10

    MoKiChU said:

    This is your opinion. Please do not impose your opinion to others people.
    No that is your opinion you imposed on your followers because you never give them a choice.

    Go ahead and show them the MUC method and see how many will still rely on your drivers.

    Because you imply that what i offer is cracked/modded, while what I offer, is already in the "oem world" (I repeat it, I offer only OEM original drivers, WHQL signed by Microsoft).

    Once again you are wrong, they can be updated by drivers from the motherboard manufacturer, Windows Update and/or MUC/WSUS, the phenomenon you describe occurs only if people install cracked/modded drivers (from pal1000 for example).
    How would we mere mortals (my greatest programming skills consists of simple excel macro programming) tell if you didn't? I don't even have the scripting skills like ddelo has when he created the checking scripts on this forum. People's own words really mean nothing on internet forums.

    Somehow you expect normal people to believe you entirely by your own words.

    Then tell them clearly that as I did in my tutorial that if they used modded drivers before that they have to DDU their system. Somehow it is my fault that you didn't explain clearly.

    Already explained why "Force Deletion" in CLEANUP process above. In addition, cleaning old drivers in UPDATE process is not an imperative (it is to avoid saturating people's Driver Store with obsolete drivers, as must be the case with all people who update via MUC without cleaning up old unused drivers afterwards), but many people have asked me how to get rid of old unused drivers, so I added how to to the UPDATE process (without "Force Deletion"), but they could very well use Windows Disk Cleanup by checking the appropriate box to remove obsolete drivers, the result will be exactly the same.
    Old drivers are in the OS driver store by design by Microsoft so that you can rollback drivers. Now you are smarter than Microsoft themselves.
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    Windows 10


    Driver updates are not always a perfect process, because residual data from older versions can sometimes cause certain features of the driver to not work properly, so your OEM+MUC process sometimes leads to functional failures. A clean install is always the most perfect, because removing the driver will also remove the driver data left in the registry and other places, thus avoiding the failure caused by cross-version.

    What's more, you can never get driver updates for the Extension class from the MUC. If you only perform the OEM+MUC process, the version gap of the Extension driver to other drivers (such as MEDIA and SWC) may also cause functional failures.

    When it comes to driver sources, since everyone can just use the OEM drivers on the product support page, it is their own choice which source of drivers to use. You shouldn't be so rude. Everyone is doing what they are interested in or good at. erpsterm35 focuses on driver releases from various OEMs, atplsx focuses on the latest drivers from WSUS, pal1000 focuses on providing UAD drivers for older devices, and MuKiChU focuses on providing the latest drivers for ASUS/ROG products Realtek and 3rd party drivers. Each did not force others to use what they provided, nor demean others' work. It's you who's been belittling the work done by MuKiChU.
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    Windows 10

    Somehow everybody is smarter than Microsoft.

    The "residual" data is the reason why we have "rollback" option. When you delete the residual data, you don't have any rollback option. It is much more likely that the new driver you just installed has bugs and you have to rollback to an older driver than your invented explanation that somehow these "residual" data is interfering with your new driver installation. Microsoft designed the rollback feature, who are you to tell Microsoft that they are wrong?

    Your argument is spectacularly wrong in the MokiChu context because he tells you to delete the previous driver and he doesn't keep his older drivers available. So if Realtek introduced a bug in 6.0.9403.1, you installed MokiChu's 6.0.9403.1 driver and you followed MokiChu's instruction and deleted MokiChu's 6.0.9397.1 from your computer's driver store. What are you going to do? He no longer offers 6.0.9397.1 and you can't rollback. Maybe Realtek won't even fix the bug in 3 months time. Are you going to be stuck with the bug for the next 3 months?

    It's like "Turkeys voting for Christmas", MokiChu claimed that he did this because of popular demand from his followers.

    Microsoft designed the DCH drivers to deliberately exclude the extension drivers from the update process. The extension drivers are only needed when you first installed the DCH driver. 99% of the time when you see a brand new extension driver, it is because they release brand new computer/laptop/motherboard models (and thus new hardware id in the inf file). That remaining 1% is when Asus or Dell suddenly adds an extra feature into your driver (like adding ASIO into your realtek audio driver) --- which has close to 0% chance in real life that for-profit companies are going add a feature to the drivers after they sold you the computer. But if Dell gives you an extra feature in their driver, they would have released a new driver into their support website.

    Microsoft started releasing DCH drivers in 2018, so approx 1 new DCH driver per week for 4 years (that's 200 consecutive MUC releases without extension driver update). Again, who are you to tell Microsoft that Microsoft's DCH driver update process is wrong and that the extension driver should be included in every MUC driver cab package. Are you going to tell Microsoft to fire the entire Windows Hardware Certification program team because they don't know what they are doing and how dare that these people certify these MUC cab packages with WHQL signatures without extension drivers in them.

    - - - Updated - - -

    MUC has 6.0.9397.1. If there is a bug in 6.0.9397.1, my method can always rollback to the previous MUC 6.0.9391.1 driver.
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    Windows 10 64-bit

    sandyt said:
    Somehow everybody is smarter than Microsoft.

    MUC has 6.0.9397.1. If there is a bug in 6.0.9397.1, my method can always rollback to the previous MUC 6.0.9391.1 driver.

    Is there a bug in this version? I want to know before I update.
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    Windows 10

    No bugs, I was just using it as an example.
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    Windows 10 64-bit

    sandyt said:
    No bugs, I was just using it as an example.

    OK, thank you!
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