USB Bluetooth not showing mic in Windows for bt Headphones

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    USB Bluetooth not showing mic in Windows for bt Headphones

    As the title says, USB bluetooth dongles aren't showing the microphone as a device for Wireless Headphones. I bought Tobo USB Bluetooth Adapter,5.0 Bluetooth Dongle: Electronics this since my desktop/laptop both don't have an in built Bluetooth. I know my Microphone works with phone's Bluetooth fine except only on Windows.

    Already using the drivers from manufactures (available from Windows Update centre) for RTL8761B BT module. Any help is appreciated.
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    Your USB Bluetooth dongle is 5.0 but what about your headset? I am not sure what you mean by "not showing mic in Windows".

    What follows is my experience with this. Maybe you can comment on if your problem relates to this.

    Bluetooth 4.0 has a bandwidth limitation so there is special mode to enable the microphone on a headset. It is called "Hands Free AG Audio". In this mode the headset speakers are mono instead of stereo.

    My desktop has Bluetooth 4.0. The headset is also Bluetooth 4.0.

    For Playback I have to set Headset (Hands Free AG Audio). For Recording I have to set Headset (Hands Free AG Audio). This allows me to use the microphone with the headset.
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    My bad for not specifying the headphones make and model. I have Infinity Glide 510 and Boat Rockerz 450M (my brother's). The infinity one is 5.0 and the other is 4.2 I think. But I use the Infinity Glide 510 only and tested the Boat rockerz just once.

    As you can see that there's only the Infinity Glide (Stereo) when the Audio Sink is enabled. When I disable Audio sink, it shows that Infinity Glide (Mono) is disconnected. On the Recording tab, there's nothing at all except for the motherboard's ports and stereo mix. I am also on the latest drivers available from Microsoft (bear with me, and I've already looked around but there's no info regarding the RTL8761B chipset nor any support for the drivers except for some Manufactures who are using the chipset for a Bluetooth dongle, like ASUS and MPOW. Mine is Tobo Digital. I already tried contacting realtek about it, tobo digital too but haven't gotten any response regarding the chipset at all, and there's no datasheet either)

    I did find something from but not sure if it applies to the entire RTL8761B or just their own modules, but they do are using that chipset in their Bluetooth modules.

    EDIT: Alright, I needed to enable a setting in windows so it would show the mono one too. If I'm not wrong, mono is used for handsfree telephony (or handsfree AG unless they are both different)
    But my headphones only connect in the Stereo mode not the Mono under handsfree telephony. So, either the Bluetooth dongle doesn't support handsfree telephony or the headphones or the headphones are just flawed.

    Also, tried using the headphones on a different laptop running windows 8 and in built Bluetooth, and mic works over there. Perhaps I should try plugging the dongle in that device, although not sure that would make a difference.

    EDIT2: Alright, seems like I solved the issue. Apparently the Mono drivers from realtek are ****ed up. I had to uninstall the realtek drivers for the Infinity Glide 510 Mono device and delete the drivers for it to the default Microsoft ones and it turns that Mono into the Hands-free and I see it in the recording tab too. One weird thing that happens tho is that when I'm in the Sounds Panel, when I switch to the recording tab just to check the devices the audio stops working lol. Idk how that works or why it just ups and stops just while I'm checking out what devices I have attached. Weird thing lol.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails USB Bluetooth not showing mic in Windows for bt Headphones-2021-04-16_16h17_58.png   USB Bluetooth not showing mic in Windows for bt Headphones-2021-04-16_15h43_13.png   USB Bluetooth not showing mic in Windows for bt Headphones-2021-04-16_15h44_09.png   USB Bluetooth not showing mic in Windows for bt Headphones-2021-04-16_15h45_17.png   USB Bluetooth not showing mic in Windows for bt Headphones-2021-04-16_15h42_46.png  

    USB Bluetooth not showing mic in Windows for bt Headphones-2021-04-16_16h40_01.png   USB Bluetooth not showing mic in Windows for bt Headphones-2021-04-16_16h40_04.png  
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