Windows10 all builds since 1803 not always remembering custom sound settings.
This is an issue I see on both my PCs (builds 1909 and 2003). Originally Intel builds, now AMD. Same across all.

I use Voicemeeter fairly extensively. VM Banana on one and VM Potato on the other PC to manage my audio.
It's not overly complex, but I make good use of the virtual cables and it all works grand.

The one issue I have is with the W10 App Volume Device Preferences:
Settings | Sound | Advanced Sound Options | App Volume Device Preferences

I have headphones on one PC and speakers on the other, so I set some applications to use alternate outputs for VBAN audio routing and it works perfectly, but there are some applications that don't remember their setting at the OS level and I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue and know how to resolve it?

It only does this for some applications and some games, not all, so it can work and I'm not sure why some lose their setting.
The output still looks correct in AVDP, but I can see in Voicemeeter that it's reverted to the default desktop output.

The only way to fix it is, in Windows AVDP, change its output to another device then back to the correct one and then it works.

It happens if I close and re-open the application which is particularly annoying when it's something like a music app (like PlexAmp) that I might close/open several times during a day.

I see this on both my PCs.
Both were fresh builds of W10 and fresh installs of VoiceMeeter (+ Virtual Cables)

Has anyone else seen this and know how to stop it from ignoring the device preference setting?