MarionGrandJ said:
DDelo, I appreciate the automation offered by your script to identify parts of Realtek UAD driver's stack we can update.
But your script doesn't work without modifications in non-English version of Windows or more specifically when using non-English version of dism.exe.
A simple, but brittle, modification would be to add the option "/English" to each call to dism.exe in your script.
But I would like to go further by eliminating the output hijacking of dism.exe completely from your script and by replacing them with equivalent powershell command (like the Get-WindowsDriver cmdlet). Is there any script repository where I could submit pull request or open an issue and propose my solution?
Thank you again for your work.
Thanks a lot for the recommendation, regarding DISM calls. I will investigate it.

The reason for using DISM in place of PowerShell's Get-WindowsDriver is purely performance. Get-WindowsDrive is much easier to use, but is very slow compared to DISM, with which I have to parse to get the strings I want.

And no, there is no repository for the scripts. I create them for own use and the ones I believe that can be helpful to others, I just post them in the respective thread in TenForums.