Lenovo Laptop Yoga 520 -141KB; Windows 10 version 2004; OS Build (19041.450)

I have a JBL Bluetooth soundbar, which used to work, but has suddenly stopped. When I connect to it, it makes a beep sound, but there is no full audio if i try and play a track. I can connect to it and use it from my Samsung mobile, but not my Windows 10 laptop. Have tried all the fixes, but to no avail, e.g. Reinstalling Drives; re-pairing; stopping starting Bluetooth support services, etc.

I have noticed that if I right click on the speaker symbol, then right click on Sounds, followed by selecting the Playback tab, the sound bar appears, but its status is 'Disconnected'. If I try to connect it, nothing seems to happen. If I click on properties, it says 'This device is working correctly'. Configure and Set Default options are greyed out. The default sound device is 'Realtek High Definition Audio'.

I would appreciate any help.