Loudness Equalization Issue with Realtek

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    Loudness Equalization Issue with Realtek

    Hi everyone,

    I've been having an odd problem with Loudness Equalization. I have an ASUS TUF 505DT and primarily use headphones. 3 weeks ago without any reason (I checked for Windows Updates) the Loudness Equalization option, along with the addional EQ bars, randomly disappeared from the Realtek Audio Console. Didn't have any issues for 6 months. Since I checked the other thread, device manager has Realtek Audio listed and not Realtek High Definition Audio Device.

    If I install the generic Microsoft driver I regain the Loudness Equalization option through Sound Settings but naturally Realtek Audio Console stops working. I wouldn't have minded it too much but to me the audio quality seems slightly worse with the generic MS driver. The weirdest part is if I unistall the device the Realtek driver returns and I regain the full capability of the Audio console but upon restart it's gone again. Also, while I regain the option, the audio seems vaguely hollow unless restarted when the audio console loses its options again but the sound is fine. It's amazing for music but both Netflix and games have incredibly low audio with the Realtek driver without loudness equalization so I'm forced to use the generic MS driver.

    One thing I have noticed through many reinstalls is that the events log mentions Device not migrated. It still works though. I tried downloading drivers from ASUS which are the same as the default windows Realtek reinstall. I did notice that 3 out of 4 items fail to install in the cmd even when ran as admin which might be part of the problem. I should also mention the laptop comes with Dts Headphone X which also breaks when using the generic Microsoft driver but I haven't found much use for it anyway.

    My only other guess is that the 2004 Windows 10 build showed up a few weeks ago. It failed to update a few days after my issues started and now I only see messages about it coming soon. Don't know if some pre-update files might have been added and messed up the Realtek driver. Current build from sys info is 18363.

    While the Microsoft driver isn't horrible I would love if anyone has any suggestions or had a similar issue. My only option now seem to revert back to factory settings and reinstall everything again. Thank you!
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    The disappearance of the enhancements tab and Realtek equaliser is an extremely common problem and one over which we seem to have no control. You can find references easily with a search.

    I have 2 laptops as you can see- same build. One has the enhancements tab- one doesn't and no way to restore it.

    On that I use the APO equaliser (free). comes in 2 parts- there's also a simpler GUI with 10 or 20 band equaliser.
    The first (more complex GUI) appears to offer options with 'loudness correction' - slightly less obvious as to how to find that. There is a guide.
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    I had the same problem until I got the (free) WinAero Tweaker.

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    Thanks guys! I did find a lot of complaints about it but wanted to check here since this forum has a great deal of useful tips. I tried the WinAero Tweaker with that option selected, reinstalled the drivers but the issue persists. It's a really odd problem for sure, especially since it pops up on a reinstall and then it's gone again.

    I also downloaded the Equalizer APO along with the Peace GUI while looking for solutions. I'll play around with it and check for a setup that replicates the LE option. Seems to be the only solution apart from it magically showing up again or using the generic MS driver.
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    the ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DD/DT/DU laptops like FX505DT have "DTS Headphone X" in their audio specs.

    maybe install Asus's DTS Component driver and then try to install & run the DTS Headphone X app from MS store, which should have a similar option to Loudness EQ available in the DTS app.

    [Gaming DT] DTS Headphone X v1 UWP installation SOP - Asus support
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    Thanks for the suggestion! It indeed comes with the DTS App. I think it's the primary reason why the audio quality seems better with the Realtek driver vs the MS generic driver since DTS doesn't work with the generic one. Unfortunately, the DTS app doesn't have a similiar LE option. You can select various headphones, content modes etc, but none really act as LE. I've been using Equalizer APO although it's a learning curve. I'm mostly just boosting sound levels for quiet games and movies, but of course certain sounds end up too loud so it takes a bit of playing around. Still on it.

    I had hope the Windows 2004 update will fix things and when it installed last week the option did return. With a lot of dread I restarted and it was gone again. I'm still kind of baffled how it can be there and then disappear on restart without any noticeable changes.
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    win 10 pro x64 os build 20H2

    rest assured you are not the only one this is missing on, mine as well has flew the nest, its a common issue with no recourse .
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    Oh for sure, the more I'm researching the more I learn plenty of people have the same issue. Over the past 2 weeks I have been questioning my sanity and what actually sounds good.

    Music is amazing with the Realtek driver + DTS Headphone X. The Asus TUF series seem to have been optimized for that setup but the disappearance of loudness equalization breaks it. Movies and games are a problem. The generic MS driver is not as good but it does have loudness equalization. I found Windows Sonic lacking in that setup though. Equalizer APO turns off DTS, which makes sense, but needs major adjustments and most guides point to decreasing db's with it for better quality, which in my case only leads to even lower volume. Pushing up preamp leads to certain sounds being ear piercing. I'm going to try out Equalizer APO with Hesuvi for spatial sound and see if that works.

    Who knew such a simple toggle disappearing can lead to so much trouble. I appreciate everyone's input on this though!
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    Problem finally solved!

    Hey everyone,

    Apologies for "bumping" this but I just wanted to say that the problem is solved just in case someone else runs into the same issue. It does seem it was ultimately a Realtek Driver issue. I went over to the Asus ROG forums and tried MokiChu's newer driver packages. Had some troulble initially but he helped out and after a month of looking everything is finally back to normal. DTS is fully functioning along with all the options on the Realtek Audio Console, specifically the loudness equalization toggle.

    Thanks to everyone for helping out here as well!
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