Loudness Equalization Issue with Realtek

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    sandyt said:

    The volume leveling is only for the internal speakers. My issue was with headphones. As you can see from your link the options for headphones are different, which is actually kind of frustrating. When my issue occurred the loudness equalization option used to be among the Realtek Audio Console options and then it was gone. The new drivers I installed, as mentioned in my last post, thankfully fixed my issue.
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    My two cents: Most newer mainboards are bundling "extra" 3rd party (nahimic, creative, etc) programs to handle all the effects and I guess the device ID tells the driver to skip the effects if it expects a third party app, then Realtek spits out a bunch of versions of each driver for each third party app, F001, F003, etc. I HATE this with a passion because I don't want any extra junk installed.

    Also, all of the UAD drivers come with no effects tab and expect to get it from Windows Store apps...I run LTSC, it has no store.

    So with my newer boards, MSI B450 has Nahimic, ASRock B450 has Creative Sound Blaster Cinema, I have to use older HDA drivers that were made before these BS marketing/business deals to get a full featured driver without extra crap. I also have to get them installed before ever connecting to the internet or Windows updates will force in the BS I don't want. I use or about that time frame (the ones seem fine too), and get full featured, full Realtek control panel with no third party nonsense or stripped features.

    Also, some of the newer generic HDA versions do give me the desired effects tab, but they lack an older feature, "Make front and rear output devices playback two different audio streams simultaneously", which means anytime a headset/headphone is plugged in, it will automatically become and replace the default device and must be unplugged to use the rear (main to my receiver) output again. I like to leave mine plugged in and change which device plays sound in the control panel, not be yanking the plug in and out all day until I break the damned flimsy little thing. So I use the old drivers.

    Sucks, but what can ya do?
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    YUP UAD drivers suck and why they ever changed to this format is beyond me take a away desired effects for the marketing hype of UAD junk.
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    Completely agree with you guys. I'm not fond of my own DTS setup either. Probably the last time I'm getting a laptop like this one. And the moment something goes wrong, everything breaks. The past month has been very frustrating and I can't even describe how happy I am that my issue has been fixed, but it shouldn't have been an issue to begin with.
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    @Cyble yup i totally agree I'm not fond of my laptop myself , the audio sucks with UAD drivers, the lack of functionality is laughable at best, i mean i can't even change audio sample and bit depth to 24 bit that's how bad the dumb UAD crap is.
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    Cyble said:
    Hey everyone,

    Apologies for "bumping" this but I just wanted to say that the problem is solved just in case someone else runs into the same issue. It does seem it was ultimately a Realtek Driver issue. I went over to the Asus ROG forums and tried MokiChu's newer driver packages. Had some troulble initially but he helped out and after a month of looking everything is finally back to normal. DTS is fully functioning along with all the options on the Realtek Audio Console, specifically the loudness equalization toggle.

    Thanks to everyone for helping out here as well!
    Im having the same laptop with same issue. Can you please tell me which driver to install. Did any windows update till now break it again? Thanks
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    i'm going to chime my two cents here , i finally did a way with the laptop junk audio and went with a simple USB roccat juke sound card has everything i need and then some, every sound effect i need all the loudness functions all the sample rates everything., if you have a laptop i would go this way and call it a day. just my two cents.
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    samurai69 said:
    Im having the same laptop with same issue. Can you please tell me which driver to install. Did any windows update till now break it again? Thanks
    Hey, a user called Mokichu posts newer Realtek drivers on the Asus Rog forums. That's the one worked for me initially but unfortunately only lasted a month. I'm convinved now that not having the options in the Realtek Audio Console is DTS "working as intended" since so many of the options are available on the DTS app when heaphones are unplugged. It's just all very poorly implemented.

    For the time being I've decided to "break" the DTS driver by using Driver Store Explorer and force deleting the DTS extension. It brings the Realtek options back but naturally breaks DTS. Thinking about it even when I got the laptop DTS wasn't working for a while. Windows does attempt to restore it so you have to do it again when it does. Beware though because shortly after, I started having problems with installing the monthly windows updates, which may be related. It even led to BSODs. Weirdly the Windows 20H2 update installed without any issues. So I'm not necessarily recommending this approach. At the very least, make sure everything is properly installed when doing the monthly updates.

    I think TonyB is right and the only pernament solution is a USB sound card. Other people have recommended it as well and that's what I'll likely do too.
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    Yeah Realtek doesn't have an Enhancements tab under Win10,
    The Enhancement options are instead moved to the "Realtek Audio Console" windows app.
    Crappy design but once you find the console buried somewhere in your system it makes sense.

    Just make sure you have "enhancements" enabled under your speakers properties via your playback device list etc.
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