NEED The best PC specialist to solve my Sound problem (crackling + Vid

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    NEED The best PC specialist to solve my Sound problem (crackling + Vid

    Hello first of all sorry for my bad english i do my best.
    Im using Soundblaster Zx

    This sound problem drives me crazy im now for 2 weeks to try to fix the problem.
    Nothing of google keywords helped me i need someone with real pc knowledge to solve it cause i think its a Bios or maybe driver problem.

    First of all ill show u the problem i uploaded 3 vids on youtube.
    This crackling is even on New Games like F1 2020 or COD Warzone etc.


    This sound crackling is not only in older games.

    I hope u hear the crackling in this Video it drives me crazy and its unplayable.
    This problem even appears on Onboard Sound THE SAME garbage.

    Now what i tried to solve the problem so it give u the chance to minimize where the problem is.

    I formatting Windows 10 and fresh installed it. (doesnt help)

    I Installed older Windows Version like 1809 1709 etc. ( Doesnt help)

    I Installed Windows 8.1 (doesnt help)

    I reinstalled driver 100times

    I removed the Soundblaster from my PC to see if the onboard makes the same problem (IT DOES)

    I buildt the SoundCard in Second PC to see what happen ( Same Problem) and no my Soundcard is not damged cause i have the same problem ONBOARD AND i buyed a Creative G6 USB DAC AND PROBLEM STILL EXIST.

    I used Latencymon to See what it say.
    NEED The best PC specialist to solve my Sound problem (crackling + Vid-bandicam-2020-06-26-18-48-21-990.jpg

    I Updated Bios drivers (doesnt help)

    I deactivated Fast boot (doesnt help)

    I tried to look into bios to change some settings ( i dont know much about bios)

    I have no IDEA why this problem still exist NOTHING helped and pls i used everything on google i found, dont say Change BItrate and deactivate sound enheancment or something im really frustrated.

    Thanks for the help
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    Win 10 Pro (21H2) (2nd PC is 21H2)

    Hi, please feel free to search the forum for other threads where
    are mentioned.

    There are plenty of such threads- you may find some useful ideas there.

    Identifying this sort of problem is not easy.

    You say
    This sound problem drives me crazy im now for 2 weeks
    What happened 2 weeks ago?
    Did you receive an upgrade?
    Did you receive a Windows update?
    Did you receive a driver update?

    - see Update History and your Device Manager.
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    I searched for a long time to find a solution, i cant say how long i have this problem cause i ignored it for a long time cause many people have that problem and say it is windows 10 problem and the 2004 patch will solved it and it doesnt solved it.

    So this problem is alot longer but i tried for 2 weeks now to Solve it and i used everything i found in the internet now i have no idea what to do.

    I used many Drivers old drivers new Drivers
    I used many Version From windows 10 1809 1709
    I used Windows 8
    No solution.
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    Ok i have here the picture what should i do know?

    NEED The best PC specialist to solve my Sound problem (crackling + Vid-bandicam-2020-06-26-20-45-20-165.jpg

    - - - Updated - - -

    Ah i see ok i enabled everything but sound still the same.
    But exactly information like that can help me thanks.

    NEED The best PC specialist to solve my Sound problem (crackling + Vid-bandicam-2020-06-26-21-01-02-958.jpg
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    Win 10 Pro x64

    Have you been using the same set of speakers through all your troubleshooting attempts?
    Have you considered the possibility that it could be the speakers themselves that are popping and crackling and not cause by the PC hardware or driver?
    Loose wiring usually cause popping and crackling. Check also the audio headers on your mobo.
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    Hey to badrobot,

    No i used 4 different speakers.

    dt 990 pro beyerdynamic
    Sony Headset
    Monitor Speaker
    Speaker from my Microphone everything the same. I told in my post i tried every standart solution. I would not come up with that if its so easy to find.

    yes i restarted ofc

    I will try some options with the msi utlity to change to high Priority maybe some of that helps i will try .

    - - - Updated - - -

    SO i tried now alot but nothing worked im sorry i hate it.

    Is this also a problem only with MSI?
    I found many chats with the EXACT same problem but without a solution thats why im so desperate
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    Ah ok missunderstood but got it now i just dont know what to do anymore one question do u saw my videos? and do u have the crackling issue with the system sound bar when u change the volume like in the video? or is it complete normal?
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    yes i have
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    its fine thank u i tried alot in 2 weeks but its not a soundblaster problem cause i have the same issue ONboard realtek but yeah msi support maybe can help
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    1) The first one is caused by a quick change of frequency, no idea how you are doing that, so can't say more than that.

    2) The second one is caused by a quick change in level.

    3) The third one is a bearly audible effect, but moving the video scene around like that will mean the CPU doing more work thus less available resources for sound processing.

    The first two are due to "ringing" of the waveform when changing frequency or levels quickly. Basically a bad amplifier design.
    Digital sound "enhancements" or effects can accentuate this sort of thing.
    A test for that is to make sure no such effects are used, see if there is a difference.

    Nothing that you have done will affect these things. I would not expect them to either.
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