Hi everyone,

I've been having some issues using the "App volume and device preferences" option under "Advanced sound options" in Windows 10. I have a few different audio channels and I want to have certain applications run through certain devices; however, while a few applications behave as expected a large number have various issues. The problems I'm encountering are this:

1. Some applications will run to the right device until I close and reopen them. Then, even though the setting still displays as the output device I selected, they will run through the default device until I "deselect" the device I want and then select it again.
2. Some applications will run through the default device no matter what I set them to.
3. Some applications will output certain sounds through the correct device, and then others through the default device (usually games, where sound effects are routed to the default device even when music is routed to a different device).

I installed EarTrumpet, thinking this would give me better options for controlling sound, but it seems like it just confirms the issue. I can see that when I change an application to the device I want it to, it will still show up under the default device and the visual monitor will show sounds still playing there.

If this were just one or even a couple of applications, I would assume it was an issue with the application, but this is quite a few applications affected by each issue. Is there any fix for this?


Windows Version 1909 (OS Build 18363.900)