I might have been deafening everyone I play with on discord w/o know until a friend told me today. The mic just transmits the game audio, video audio, music audio that I run into it and it sounds horrible, not even quality transmission whenn I called myself from another computer to check.

I googled around and saw some people having the same problems 1-6 years back, but either the fixes doesn't apply to my system or it doesn't work.
-I do have the latest Realtek audio driver downloaded since I built my PC 3 weeks ago.
-People said to go into mic settings for noise cancellation (VoizReal Exp tab) and muting stereo mix tab, but I do not have any of those settings.
-microphone-Properties-"Advanced" tab-"Exclusive Mode" Section-"Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" is disabled, I have this setting but it did not matter if it was on or off.

-My PC case has separated audio and mic, so I also bought an adapter for my headset if that matters, since my headset works on my MacBook air perfectly with audio+mic jack all in one.
(PC have so many issues -.-)

Thank for any help in advance, please save my friends' ears.