Please help with Audio Driver & Software.

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    The manufacturer seems to have its own sound software on the download page.

    Z370 AORUS Gaming 5 (rev. 1.0) | Motherboard - GIGABYTE U.S.A.

    Creative BlasterX Pro Gaming 720
    (Note) Win10 ver.1809 supported.
    (Note) Please install Realtek Audio Driver first
    OS: Windows 10 64bit

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    win 10 pro x64 os build 20H2

    you need the older drivers and the sound blaster drivers, newer ones will not work, with creative stuff. i use to have that board , i gave up on it. if you can find the drivers it came with when it first came out the board, then the software will work, good luck.
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    Hi, Mokichu,

    Let me first say thank you so much from me and all the other people you've helped. It might not be immediately clear but we are immensely grateful for all the knowledge that you imparted. I can't say this enough. I would even be your pet slave for a day.

    To give you some of my history, I've been searching many different sites and positing this question, hoping to find a solution. It seems that Creative has stopped supporting Sound BlasterX 720 for any of the motherboards that has it. So, maybe that's the problem? But, I also read some people who got it to work! I don't know how they did it. And, they said it sounded AWESOME. That made me drool.

    I was hoping that your link to: Realtek Audio Drivers (UAD - GIGABYTE/AORUS) : Drivers : 6.0.8960.1 WHQL [26/05/2020]
    was the one! (I still might be but I'm not sure how to install the drivers.) This is what I did:

    1. I read your "Tips" and so I first tried to clean up any of the old drivers.
    2. I used Driver Store Explorer, getting rid of anything related to audio.
    3. Then, I used MSI Mode Utility.
    4. Then, I went to the website you recommended and downloaded all the driver at: Latest Realtek HD Audio Driver Version [2]
    5. I downloaded the one that was labeled: Realtek Audio Drivers (UAD - GIGABYTE/AORUS) : Drivers : 6.0.8960.1 WHQL [26/05/2020]
    6. Now the problem. What do I do now? There aren't any instructions. So I assumed that I just install the cmd files in the order that was listed in the Third Party section of your link.
    7. As a result, I assumed that I was supposed to first run Install_NH3.cmd as an administrator.
    8. Next, I tried Install_Dolby.cmd as an administrator.
    9. Next, I tried Install_DTSX_Ultra.cmd as an admininstrator.
    10. Next, I tried Install_SBC.cmd as an admininstrator.
    11. There was one cmd function that was remaining which I didn't try. (Install_RTK.cmd). But, there was nothing in the Third Party section that had any RTK or Realtek words in any of the drivers so I didn't run it.
    12. I assumed I was done and I rebooted the computer. The sound sounds good but the Sound BlasterX still doesn't work. It says that the audio device could not be found.
    13. At this point, I ran Install_RTK.cmd as an administrator.
    14. I rebooted the computer. Unfortunately, Sound Blaster Connect still doesn't work. I was about to cry. I have literally tried so many different people's suggestion.

    I was all alone. I pulled out my Glock .45 and put it to my head and I was about to pull the trigger. Then, I thought that maybe I should buy a bullet first and then do it. I said to myself before I do that, I might as well as Mokichu if I did something stupid because I do that a lot. I also asked another in this forum.

    So, here I am! Anyone know what I did wrong? Slap me in the back of the head if I did something stupid.

    MoKiChU said:

    I have already answered you for one week here : Latest Realtek HD Audio Driver Version [2]
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    idgat said:
    SDI (Snappy Driver Installer)

    Freeware programs that will "sniff" out required drivers and download them.

    Use judiciously!! They both have a tendency to get carried away and unless controlled by the user will update/upgrade all drivers. Totally unnecessary - you're only looking to install the drivers you need. So only select that/those option(s).
    Can't seemed to find anywhere where you indicated you might have tried these .... ?
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    win 10 pro x64 os build 20H2

    like i said find the original manufacture driver your system came with install that and then install creative software, that is the only way to do it, you may have to go to your system driver disk do you have it? if so install them drivers from it along with the creative stuff, if it works you are good as gold. i never had the disk for my board, so i could never find the original driver. that is the only way the others are getting it to work original driver on disk along with creative software.
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    Something went wrong....

    Hi, Mokichu,

    I must have done something wrong. At the first step, I didn't uninstall just the drivers that yo mentioned. I uninstalled anything to do with Realtek and Sound Blaster (Creative). Maybe that was my mistake there?

    With respect to the other steps, I did each of them exactly the same. Not a single deviation. Although on the 4th step, you said to "Check the box "Force Deletion" then click on the Delete Package" button. There is no such thing as "Delete Package" but "Delete Driver" which I am assuming you meant. I will send you a scren shot and the .csv extract.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I'm trying to attach the .csv file but this interface doesn't seem to be letting me... Let me try again...

    I won't let me attach a csv file or xls file. Not sure why. So, I just cut and pasted it directly below. I hope it's not too difficult to understand. I'm sorry.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I got it attached by converting it into an xlsx file!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Please help with Audio Driver & Software.-applicationframehost_i3p3lawgn5.jpg  
    Please help with Audio Driver & Software. Attached Files
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    MoKiChU said:
    Your drivers are visibly correctly installed. If you have only a issue with Sound Blaster Connect and that your audio drivers work, try to open un ticket at your GIGABYTE Support.
    You really are a great guy to help us like this. I mean it. Thank you.

    I will contact Gigabyte support and see what's going on. People have been saying that the sound sounds so good so I'm dying to find out.

    How do you know how to do all of this stuff? I guess you work with this type of stuff for work I guess?

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    I know you're busy so sorry to bother you but I had a quick question. I think after using the MSI Mode Utility the first time around, it made my internet speed really bust with speed. I have a fast internet connection already but I noticed the speed when I tried to connect to my network drive. Usually, there is a long pause when I try to connect to it. There still is a slight pause but it's MUCH faster than it was before.

    What is the MSI Mode Utility and why did it make it do that? Why doesn't everyone adjust their settings so things will go faster like that? Just fascinated, that's all.

    MoKiChU said:
    Your drivers are visibly correctly installed. If you have only a issue with Sound Blaster Connect and that your audio drivers work, try to open un ticket at your GIGABYTE Support.
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