IDT Audio Drivers 6504 & 6492

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    Microsoft Windows 10 (Pro x64)

    Simple said:
    I just tried the file you posted, regrettably it does not work with my hardware. Since this works for you, you may wish to try the updated version sp65631 (VERSION: 6.10.6499.0 REV: J.
    Thanks. But I already tried the newer versions first. Regrettably, they don't work. Apparently the drivers used by Windows 10 use the same association as Windows 7. So in theory, drivers designed for Windows 7 have a better chance of working with Windows 10, than drivers designed for Windows 8 and 8.1.

    The same can be said for software suites designed by HP for Windows 7.
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    Windows 10
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    Do you have an SP number for enhanced keyboard drivers from HP?
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    Microsoft Windows 10 (Pro x64)

    Simple said:
    Do you have an SP number for enhanced keyboard drivers from HP?

    I've uploaded the HP Softpaq version that works with my system. Here's the link:

    If this doesn't work, please post your exact make/model number here and I will get back to you with the relevant package for your system.

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    Windows 10
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    Did not work, I get "This software is not supported on your system" Not even with Windows 7 Compatibility checked!!..
    My Notebook is a HP Envy M-6 Notebook PC. BIOS F.26
    Regards, Simple.
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    Microsoft Windows 10 (Pro x64)

    Simple said:
    Did not work, I get "This software is not supported on your system" Not even with Windows 7 Compatibility checked!!..
    My Notebook is a HP Envy M-6 Notebook PC. BIOS F.26
    Regards, Simple.

    There are several models by HP that start with the numbering designation of M-6.
    You would need to be more precise in your system's "exact" model number.

    Take a look at the official line-up here:
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    Yes, they are all the same, just slightly different configuration. it is the 1104.. intel based. and this is the hardware id "HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_111D&DEV_76E0&SUBSYS_103C18A5&REV_1001".

    I Formatted and reinstalled everything due to some issues with security. The driver I now have "6.10.6498.0" is working fine and the Beats Audio sounds good. The only issue I have is that if I am playing some audio and I press FN+B, the beats logo appears indicating the toggle from off to on or vice versa, but it does not affect the sound while playing. However, if I close the media and open it again, then I can hear the effect of the toggle. the same goes for the Equalizer.. It was working in Windows 8/8.1..
    I am convinced the there is a Windows registry workaround, because when I had Windows 10 B10240, it would work after installing the driver and first boot, but on the second boot it would be lost. I think this is the effect of Windows overriding with its own drivers.

    Update 1:
    It is working now.... I installed the latest Adobe Flash, Shockwave and Air and both the FN+B and the Equalizer are working now.. I will monitor to see if Windows will maintain functionality, if such, I will uninstall the trio one by one to identify the culprit..

    Update 2:
    These are the only HP drivers installed: --SP61037 HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection --SP73248 HP System Event Utility --SP65196 IDT High-Definition (HD) Audio Driver, the rest are Windows 10 native drivers..

    Update 3:
    Alas, it stopped working. I was fine tuning the touch-pad scroll behavior when I noticed that it reverted to the previous behavior, in less than 15 minutes.
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    Windows 10

    sweckform2 said:
    Here are some modified HP IDT Audio Drivers (derived from HP SoftPaq #59291).

    They got my ProBook's embedded sound chip working again on Win 10 Pro x64
    (including the SRS Premium Sound Control Panel/HP Beats Audio Functionality)

    HP IDT Audio Driver (x86 and x64 systems):
    File Version: 6.10.6428.0 (modified)

    Note: For x86 systems, the feature set is reduced.
    Sorry to resurrect an old topic. I have problems with these drivers (as with every other version I have tried) on HP 6465b running Windows 10. Upon launching audio (including video files, music, games etc.) the computer freezes. When I launch task manager, I see Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation process taking 100 % of HDD usage. After a while (usually 10 - 60 seconds) the audio starts playing and HDD usage by this process goes down back to zero. Very annoying.

    This issues started back in Windows 8.1 Update 1. The solution back there was to install HP IDT Audio drivers for Windows 7 in compatibility mode. I have tried this for Windows 10 without any success.

    I know currently two workarounds for this issue, but none is desirable. You can (1) install generic High Definition Audio drivers, or (2) disable enhancements in sound panel properties. Both this workarounds lead to extremely bad, muffled audio, like sound frequencies are not mapped correctly.

    HP currently does not provide updated sound driver for my laptop. The last version is for Windows 8.1, which causes this problems as well.

    Any help?

    Thank you.
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    Windows 10

    I can confirm the Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation process issue. This issue is quite frustrating and I have opened a thread on the MS forums:

    The HDD usage shooting up also affects frames in games. I have recently formatted my laptop seeing as how I upgraded from a Windows 7 install.

    I might have unknowingly stumbled upon a solution but I am still not 100% certain as I am running in Test Mode (I was trialing modded IDT Audio Drivers 6504).

    What I found was that after all my trials with different IDT drivers caused by original IDT drivers from HP to not even able to install.

    I had to clear the registry from all things related to IDT. In device manager I uninstalled every single hidded and active IDT speaker / headphone /microphone.

    After a restart I was able to reinstall my original HP IDT drivers. Haven't switched off Test Mode yet but the issues seem to be gone.

    Do not quote me on that as I have only found a few other people with the same issue.
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    Windows 10

    Could you please write what you deleted in registry?
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    Windows 10

    Make sure you totally uninstall all HIDDEN Audio Input and Outputs in DeviceManager + non hidden and the drivers themselves.

    Restart. Make sure that IDT does not reinstall. You can use driver store cleaner to remove any IDT packages:

    DriverStore Explorer - Home

    I did the registry as I went along so I might not remember everything:


    Just make sure that you are only left with the most basic audio drivers. MS HD Audio Device Drivers in device manager.

    Then make sure that nothing is left in ProgramFiles ProgramData (hidden).

    Good luck! Report back!
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