Hello to all,

I have updated windows 10 with the 1909 update and a lot of things have been acting wonky that I hope some people can help me with.

SO much so that I brought it to a computer tech person in my area. He uninstalled it back to the 1903 update and then reinstalled 1909. He ran a complete diagnostics on it and there is not
a virus
hardware issue.

Problem number one is the my audacity program, which is a digital audio worksation freezes up at times, and other times it works.
Problem number 2 is my sound system. Here is the odd part:
If my headphones are plugged in when the computer turns on it, the sound will come out of the headphones only. If i unplug the headphones, and plug them back in, sound will come out of the headphones and the speakers. When I turn on the computer, and the headphones are not plugged in at all, sound will not come out of them when I plug them in but will come out of the speakers. I have never seen this before with any product.

Are others having problems with this latest update?

Any help is appreciated and gratefully accepted.