The other day I finally got around to manually loading the Win10 Major May patch and subsequent updates. Aside from having to disable Win10 from over-writing my Nvidia drivers, my Plantronics 478's, that has always worked flawlessly, are now crackling/popping in my browsers (watching videos, Edge, Chrome and FF).

VLC player and other videos/music devices seem fine (it does happen with Win Movies and TV player, but on my browsers, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, when watching YouTube videos or embedded videos in general, there is an annoying crackle/popping sound. I've unplugged the headsets, removed them from the Win10 Sound listing and rebooted. I've re-connected them and did a fresh uninstall/re-install of Firefox. I've made adjustments in the Control Panel, both with Enhancements and without and the crackling/pop is still there. It's kind of semi-intermittent. I'm not having issues with Discord or while playing games. No issues when editing (play back) in Sony Vegas Pro either.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. This only started happening after all the updates.