i have an old HP CQ60 with unfortunate Conexant audio ic, and it suffers from having the audio incorrectly addressed in Windows 10. The workaround that 'works' for awhile is to use msconfig.exe to set the memory limit [boot option] to 4096. Unfortunately, one cannot tell whether the setting is "on" or "off"; set or not set, because msconfig.exe ALWAYS shows that number as 0 immediately after you mess with it. Hence, it may be "set" manually, but on display, after closing and reopening under any circumstance, it will show 0. So, you won't know if audio is working except by trying it.

Windows update will clobber this workaround. For a total non-technical person who unreasonably "just wants it to work", all this is a deterrent. Is there a way to permanently set a workaround in the registry that will NOT get clobbered by windows update?

thank you for the help