I was among the first to join the final customers of the new Edge Chromium in the Canary version. And, the truth is, it's going really well. But, I think we have to highlight what is still wrong, so that it must be improved and made of it, among all, the ultimate browser of Microsoft.I am, I believe, a melomaniac, a music fan and I hear music on the PC from the end of the last century. Since 2008, I have an Altec Lansing speaker system (2 + 1) and, when I don't want to disturb anyone, AKG 270 headphones.I usually hear the music through foobar2000 and in high resolution (SACD), 24/96, 24/192 or dsd files.Well, whenever I'm hearing some of this kind of music and I throw out the Edge Canary, the intermingling noises outweigh the sound of the music and even put it to suspend for a few seconds and make it unrecognizable.As I also have installed the Firefox Browser (blue logo), in development to this day, because I close the Canary and open the Browser. No more noise and the music is playing again as usual.You'll already tell me if this happens to you and if there was some kind of solution while the development of Microsoft's "Chromium" browser is finished. I have installed the new driver from Realtek, but the Canary still with the noises.Thank you very much in advance.