I've just purchased a surround set from Logitech z607, I've plugged in all the wires and when testing in the 5+1 sound properties and the Realtek setup the sattelites and subwoofer are working but when playing with Direct sound output on Winamp only the front speakers work and not the subwoofer. If I set 5+1 as output everything works.
The problem is that playing music on YouTube doesn't work correctly, meaning only the front speakers are working.
At some point everything worked but something happened with the last windows update?
This thin is driving me crazy, I've tried all sorts of this but to no avail.
It's weird thing is that setting the speakers through the remote to 2+1 is working correctly front speakers and subwoofer, but when setting them to 5+1 it works only as described above.
Does anyone know what the hell is going on?