Audio Menu Taking its Sweet Time

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    Audio Menu Taking its Sweet Time

    So I updated my windows 10 with the latest CU release, to 18362.356, and after restarting my computer and fully integrating it, I check it out. On the surface, everything LOOKS to be working, but when I clicked on the sound icon on the taskbar, the thing takes more than a minute to pull up its menu and that worries and annoys me

    I used a reg file I believe I took from here to switch back to the old menu control from the modern volume control menu, and I havent had any problems with it so far, but ever since the 18362.356 CU update, my volume control has been lagging a lot

    I ran a dism /scanhealth, and there was corruption, so I used a /restorehealth command, then an sfc /scannow command, and a full restart, then I try again, still lagging. So then I set a chkdsk /r /f scan to happen yesterday, booted up my computer hours ago at the time of this post, let chkdsk run, and tried dice

    did microsoft bungle up this Cumulative Update, or did I bungle something up somehow? I don't want to if I don't need to, but if I do, I can run a repair install of windows 10, see if that fixes it, but that is a last resort I dont want to use until all else is exhausted and the next day at the very least
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    Hi, not seen this problem anywhere yet, although a couple have reported problems with certain 3rd party programs.

    Please try these and compare:
    - creating a new user for test purposes & logging in as that user
    - a clean boot
    - Safe Mode

    You could, of course, uninstall the update and see if it works normally again.
    You would then have the option of hiding-blocking- the update
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    alright, I tried a new user I made, no dice
    a clean boot did nothing
    I had results on a safe boot (minimal/default safe-mode), but since the audio drivers and everything was turned off, the only sound connection it got was from my hdmi cord. My monitor does NOT have built-in speakers, and I wont get one that does have them.

    should I try one of the other safe mode(s), will they have the audio drivers enabled? otherwise, I think microsoft bungled up this edition of their latest Cumulative Update which I cant uninstall (the uninstall updates screen takes the same amount of time to pull up any sort of right click menu for the installed updates, including the CU I installed)

    - - - Updated - - -

    i think this CU (or myself) bungled up more than the volume control icon; it buggered the internet icon; usually if I got wifi active and ethernet disabled, only the wifi icon is there and I click on the icon to choose which channel I want to connect to, but now its acting the same as the volume control problem im having

    ffs microsoft, what did you do
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    Win 10 Pro (21H2) (2nd PC is 21H2)

    You could, of course, uninstall the update and see if it works normally again.
    You would then have the option of hiding-blocking- the update (tutorial available).
    ffs microsoft, what did you do
    If it is related to the update, please tell MS about it using the Feedback Hub app. (This site is run by users, not MS).

    Note that one user who did uninstall the latest CU (for quite different reasons) found other things damaged. That's quite unexpected.

    Take due precautions and create a disk image (Macrium reflect- free/paid) to an external disk.
    tenforums continually recommends using disk imaging routinely.
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    I am trying to uninstall the CU update I installed, but for whatever reason, I CAN'T

    if im on the uninstall an update page either on the metro settings page, OR the control panel "Installed Updates" page, I do not have the option of uninstalling this update. I cannot right click on the update and click uninstall, nor do I see this CU in the update history section of the metro settings page

    however it happened, this is one update I guess I can't erase
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    Win 10 Pro (21H2) (2nd PC is 21H2)

    This one?
    Audio Menu Taking its Sweet Time-snap-2019-09-21-18.07.17.png
    (I've not gone further than that- do you see that at least? Sounds as if not).

    You might have a usable System restore point... if restore succeeds..
    Audio Menu Taking its Sweet Time-snap-2019-09-21-18.10.02.png
    - see this saga on uninstalling it.. this update is surely getting some bad press.
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    yes, on both of the pictures you posted, I cannot select any option to uninstall it, no mater what I do; and unfortunately, I do not have a system restore point to BEFORE this was applied

    granted, I do have a macrium reflect backup, but this was a 1809 backup at its latest 1809 update before I decided to go to the 1903 version. Granted, this problem isnt too bad to deal with, and I think its somewhat improving. after a few minutes and hovering over the internet system-icon on the taskbar, I can get the normal display of either the ethernet or wifi (depending on which is active), and sometimes the sound icon takes longer (like hours longer), but it sorta balances itself out somehow

    not saying its fixed; after a restart or full boot, this ends up happening again; unrelated note, but somehow, when I booted my computer up, it booted into safe mode when I was pretty dang sure I set it back to a normal full boot yesterday

    probably going to have to wait for the next CU that fixes this, or if im lucky we'll get a small security patch that fixes this so I can save on my internet data cap
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    Win 10 Pro (21H2) (2nd PC is 21H2)

    Your remaining option, given that you didn't create a new base disk image after upgrading to 1903 (which is the thing to do if using disk imaging routinely as recommended) is an

    in-place upgrade repair install of 1903, but without accepting updates during that. (Disconnect internet).

    You would then use WUMgr or Sledgehammer (free) to disable updates and control them manually.

    That would allow you to e.g. manually update using a download of the preceding CU from the relevant News article's link.

    Then you would not have this last update applied.

    Note that the next major build date is coming, but this time it won't be a feature update it seems- rumour has it MS is moving to 1 build a year, so it will be a CU.
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    I still have a stable copy of a 1903 iso I got from the techbench website months ago, ill see about using that
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    Win 10 Pro (21H2) (2nd PC is 21H2)

    You could get a new one using the MS media creation tool...
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