How to Record Incoming, Outgoing Speech (Online Conference - Webinar)?

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    How to Record Incoming, Outgoing Speech (Online Conference - Webinar)?


    I am wondering how could I, on Windows 10, record online business conference - audio based meeting? I would like to record BOTH voices: my own speech into the microphone (outgoing audio FROM my computer) and speech from other person or multiple other participants that is/are talking with me on online meeting (incoming audio TO my computer)? The desktop software I am asking for must be free of charge ( ! ) and must record unlimited length of meeting (entire meeting).

    I reviewed over 20 different software programs, did my best to find solution on my own, even Windows integrated one, but every single software I checked seems to record my own speech only: so whatever I speak into the microphone. In the recorded file MUST be recorded also other speech(es) from other side(s).

    Could anyone help please?
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    Audacity is going to be your best bet. Just remember to notify the Other Party that you will be making a recording of the conversation.
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    Audio/Video Recorder, Editor, Converter. Capture streaming video and audio.

    Above is another option. I used it extensively maybe 10 years ago to capture both sides of a conversation, but have not looked at it lately.

    Audacity can certainly do it, but may be more difficult to set up for a first time user.
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    I tried both, Audacity and TotalRecorder. Neither one nor another can record entire online conference meeting: voices (speeches) from both side: my (outgoing voice) and opposite side (incoming voice). Even worse: TotalRecorder doesn't even start recording anything. Audacity does but it doesn't recognize incoming voice regardless how many people, one or more, are on the other side of online conference meeting.

    I would also need one more feature:

    Possibiltiy to prerecord the message for VoiceMail purpose. So I don't need to speak for every single VoiceMail but record the audio message once. Then: when requested to leave a VoiceMail message, I simply click the play button of prerecorded message and it is going to be identically ''delivered'' as I was speaking into the microphone. So I would like to have this feature too.

    As I said, I am looking for working software that will really record both sides of voices/speeches plus feature above.


    I found this:

    Recording Webinar Audio - Including one's own input from the microphone

    Software name: Virtual Recorder

    It seems to recognize BOTH incoming and outgoing voices but:

    - it seems like it cannot be used for VOIP technology (programs like Zoiper, Xlite etc) because incoming voice is extremely quiet, almost impossible to be heard on recorded mp3 files, even if I have ''recording volume'' option set to maximum.

    - i haven't had a chance to try it using programs like Skype, GoToMeeting, etc but if I test incoming sound from Youtube and put it together with my own speech (outgoing voice) then it works very well: both are recorded fine

    - feature I previously described (voicemail) cannot be used - it doesn't seem so.
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    Pamela for Skype

    I've not looked at the restrictions or used it for years but I used to use it with Skype a long time ago, and from memory chose it because it would record both sides of the conversation.
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    Hi there
    The skype suggestion above looks the easiest -- you can test it as well -- -- I'm sure SKYPE itself can do this as well - we use SKYPE FOR BUSINESS for video / audio calls - however skype needs to be connected to the appropriate meeting centre.

    Another way if your computer speakers are reasonably OK and you aren't in a public place simply switch on the speakers and record all sound on a mobile phone -- the phone's mic will pick up your audio and the audio coming out of the meeting. As it's a business meeting and you just want basic audio don't worry about super dooper hi-fi quality.

    The phone will have more capacity for recording than the length of the meeting I'm sure.

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    Even worse: TotalRecorder doesn't even start recording anything.
    Sorry I recommended TR on your other post, thought it may work.
    How to Record Incoming, Outgoing Speech (Online Conference - Webinar)? | Windows 10 Forums
    I should have mentioned that it does have to be started manually just before the sound becomes available. I like it for recording from movie discs as the start and stop excesses can be clipped out before saving.
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