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    Windows 10 Professional x64 Version 1909

    ddelo said:
    You're most welcome.
    I really don't know if you need to go back to HDA drivers, which is what I would recommend, if you hadn't got @MoKiChU opinion that you have a UAD capable board.

    MoKiChU is a well respected expert and his opinion matters.
    Yes, I am aware of both things, really. I already switched to UAD v9137 supplied here by MoKiChU.

    But as I mentioned, my audio was OK when I booted PC today, then Windows Update came with cumulative update so I confirmed installation and rebooted when prompted. After that the audio was muted and I had to reboot once more. Four days UAD was working fine, failed on fifth. It really drives me crazy, as I don't know how to determine where is the fault.

    There is one other issue I had that illustrates how things are not simple. I have a "backplate" with 4 USB ports on outer side, the inner side has thick plastic which holds the ports. There is a thick cable with connector going into motherboard USB 2.0 header. So basically, I have 4 USB 2.0 ports that I use for keyboard, mouse(s) and particular USB stick. That stick was used on 30th Jan to install 480 MB of Chrome Portable and mid Feb to create 2.5 GB live Linux media. A couple of weeks later, I tried to reinstall the very same Chrome on stick, but the stick disconnected. When I tried to extract archived version of it, the stick again disconnected. In short, copying anything bigger than 20 MB would cause stick to disconnect mid writing.
    I looked up for solutions and they were "disconnect all other devices to prevent voltage drop", "disable USB suspend in power plan", "untick power control on Power Management tab in device manager for USB Hub", "your board has aged caps and voltage is not stable". All nonsense, as that stick worked month ago...
    I booted Linux, created 480 MB file and copied it to stick. The 'cp' ended instantly due to write buffers so I quickly typed 'sync' to force writing and expecting I/O error. But the copy succeeded. I did another 'cp' without forcing immediate write buffer flush but it again succeeded.
    So what can I conclude from this? Linux can write on stick which started confusing Windows in the last couple of weeks. I would bet there is no hardware issue, there was another cumulative update in between, who knows what it changed.
    Heck, I have Windows Spotlight showing me an infamous "lake and red backpack" picture 5 out of 7 days. I'm pretty sure mid-school student would program it right.

    So, it's very hard for me to tell why UADs keep failing on my board. The above problem is somewhat off topic but is a good illustration that one has to be careful saying "the board is bad".
    I apologize for the length of the post...

    - - - Updated - - -

    MoKiChU said:
    Either he does not try to update his drivers and in this case he switches to the HDA drivers from the support page of his motherboard (or the last ones containing his HW ID)
    My board is supported up to v9116, support page has v8051. A big difference, like 4 years.

    MoKiChU said:
    Either he tries to update his drivers and in this case, he must use the UAD drivers as I explained to him previously.
    I did everything "by the book"... literally. Second attempt and running UAD v9137.

    MoKiChU said:
    If Windows Update is in error concerning your audio drivers, it is because your drivers configuration is exotic as I explained previously (HDXAsrok.inf as main driver & HDX_WhiteExt_RTK.inf as extension driver), and Microsoft package the Windows Update/MUC full drivers packages independently for the WHITE Realtek audio drivers (with HDXWHITE.inf as main drivers and not HDXAsrok.inf which you need, hence the loss of sound), example :
    Windows Update doesn't interfere with my drivers, it never did. I have no problems whatsoever caused by Windows Update when it comes to audio drivers. It's not the issue for me. That link is for UAD v9098, I still have v9137 installed, it wasn't touched by WU in any way.
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    @Andy Roid

    I would have gone back to the latest HDA drivers, accepting the fact that I have an older board and UAD drivers might not be the best solution for me.
    But, that's only my opinion!
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