Latest Realtek HD Audio Driver Version [2]

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    Windows 10

    Gigabyte 6.0.9102.1

    I use these drivers on my Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master + Z390 M Gaming

    As such only the required files are included

    If your device Has Creative,Dolby,Nahimic support the inf isnt included

    Codec_9102.1 (HDXGigabyte.inf)
    ExtRtk_9075.1 (HDX_GigabyteExt_RTK.inf)

    Latest Realtek HD Audio Driver Version [2]-realtek.png
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    Windows 10 Pro (x64)(v21H1)(Build 19043.1320)

    MoKiChU, thx for the update..
    installed and back up and running no issues to report as of yet..
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    Microsoft Windows 10

    thewaywardgeek said:
    Tried it with the script, here are my results using the script:

    Attachment 317638

    In either case, I'll try updating thru normal/manufacturer's means and see if it works, thanks Grom0X!

    P.S. I don't know what search app you use, but damn, you are FAST!
    UPDATE! Thanks @Grom0X, though the normal route of installing thru Manufacturer's Installer failed, and I ended up reinstalling all the Manufacturer's recommended drivers and individually installed thru Device Manager. I had it to work!
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  4. Cliff S's Avatar
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    Win11 Pro, Win10 Pro N, Win10 Home, Windows 8.1 Pro, Ubuntu

    9102 has improvements for bass heads.
    The mid and low bass has more punch than the last few drivers(9091, 9098, and 9099).
    And the subs have finally lost some of the sloppy rumble.

    Tested on both my soundbar and my headset(both Dolby Atmos capable, but turned Atmos off)
    The filters have obviously been improved.
    If you cannot hear the full range in this tune, than don't worry about updating.... except for maybe security reasons.

    For punch, try this
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  5. Texas Gore's Avatar
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    Win 10 Pro 2009

    MoKiChU said:
    Hi everyone,

    - Realtek Audio Drivers (UAD - ASRock/GIGABYTE/MSI MB | Update Only) :
    Drivers : 6.0.9102.1 WHQL [12/01/2021]
    Download - ASRock : Link
    Download - GIGABYTE : Link
    Download - MSI : Link

    OS requirements : Windows 10 64 bit 1803/RS4/17134.x or more recent.
    Hardware requirements : ASRock/GIGABYTE/MSI motherboards with Realtek Audio Drivers (UAD).
    Thanks for keeping us right up to date MoKiChU!

    Will give these a go in the next day or 2.
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  6. canibal's Avatar
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    WINDOWS 10 Pro 21H1 - 64 bit

    OnePlayaz said:
    Last is 6.0.9099.1 is this good sound ??

    want good sound with 1220

    many say 9045.1 would be very good ..
    depending on how good the headphones / headsets you use ..
    If the quality of your headset / headphone is bad, then whatever version of the driver you install the result will still sound bad
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  7. Texas Gore's Avatar
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    Win 10 Pro 2009

    9102 is good. Full sounding and punchy :)

    Also tried 9088 from MSI motherboard page directly. It is alright but it and 9084 have low base volume levels, requiring master volume to be cranked right up.
    9084 has poor bass and mid range, 9088 has better bass and mids but lack the punch.
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  8. f14tomcat's Avatar
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    Multi-boot Windows 10/11 - RTM, RP, Beta, and Insider

    Boy, this seems to be the place to be!
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  9. johngalt's Avatar
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    Windows 10 x64 Pro build 21H1

    Thanks for the test, Cliff.

    I need to get back to running a full suite of the tests I used to do, as well. But I think that I will vary it up a bit.

    One place that anyone who really wants to test the output of their devices can look at it - well worth it to really delve into the dynamics of sounds and what your equipment can and cannot do.

    For example, my previous rig had a much older RT chipset for audio, and coupled with my wired Astro Gaming A40s, I had decent sound - but regularly missed a lot of frequencies (especially low end) when testing.

    My new SS Artcis Wireless Pros, however, paired with the (much more modern) RT chipset (and making use the S/PDIF output versus traditional headphone jack / USB) has made a *huge* difference in not only what I can now hear, but how dynamic the sound output is, in both listening to music as well as gaming.

    E.g. - my current setup allows me to hear every single step though the low frequency check - The Ultimate Bass Test | Ultra Low Frequency Range Test

    Not kidding - every single one. At 10 Hz it's a very, very muted hum - but it is there (assuming, of course, that it's not an anomaly of the recording itself, which it could very well be!). That's insane. I didn't think I could hear that, especially with my previous setup - but that was, at least partially, because my previous setup was inferior to my current setup. And my setup is still nowhere near studio quality, like what CliffS and a few others here have.

    But, also using the various tests here, I realize that my tinnitus has affected some of my upper range - I cannot hear nearly as high I *should* be able to as a normal human being, and there are, for lack of a better word, gaps in my high range sensitivity - a block of frequencies that I simply cannot hear / detect that are *below* my actual high end threshold.

    I also need to get a better set (read: selection, including larger variety) of audio samples- or else (finally!) extract the data from my mechanical HDs that had all of my .FLACs on it so I can run a wide variety of test using various genres and styles. Even then, though, it will be limited, because there are genres I don't listen to at all.

    And, really, anyone who comes here asking "which is the driver / sounding driver" NEEDS TO DO THIS FOR THEMSELVES ALSO.

    Unless you have my exact hardware, coupled with my exact frequency range and my exact idiosyncrasies, anything I say won't really mean jack / squat to you. My experiences will be what I discern and feel and may not be the same as anyone else's.

    And thus, no matter what I say, you should try the drivers out for yourself and see what *you* think about them. Yes, recommendations made here are a good starting point - but that simply means you have recommendations on which drivers to include in your testing to find the exact one that suits you for your needs.

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    W10+Developer Insider + Linux

    I wish there was a way to include equalizer to Line/Microphone input too.
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