Greetings, this has to be most bizarre issue i ever faced on PC

The issue only started yesterday and it is driving me mad, so i'm on twitter or YouTube while listening to my music on itunes, i come a cross video, i pause the music, play the video, everything is fine until this point, when i try to resume the music, it won't, i can "see" the music is playing according to the my headphones under playback in sound but no sound is coming out, i can still play videos with sound on the browser no problem, but in itunes and and any video file on my Media Player Classic is just mute, the only way to get the sound back again is to disconnect and reconnect the headphones under playback in sound, this issue happened simultaneity with another issue: "Chrome.exe" shows up in gray area in the upper left corner when using volume buttons on the the keyboard [Image inside] : techsupport
and i can't help but feel they are connected.

not just that, if i attempt to play a video on Twitter without pausing the music, they get tangled together, meaning: the music i'm listening to on itunes plays and stop with video i'm watching on twitter, and when the video ends, so does the music on itunes.. it become muted even the i know it is playing, and i have to do the disconnect and reconnect thing

I even tried to make video recording of the issue only to find the moment i click on record the sound just goes yet it does show in the recording itself, and it would be working properly without disconnecting or anything.. its like it mocking me i swear..

I also tried this whole thing with my wired speaker and everything is working fine

Also, when i tried to replicate the issue on Microsoft edge it didn't, only happen in chrome

I removed the headphones (powers and welkin p7 wireless) and paired them all over again, updated windows, didn't help, no idea what to do now

i mean i did face much sever issues before but this is just weird

EDIT: it is FIXED! oh my sweet god how good does this feel
i found this answer: Windows 10 volume bar on top left is huge

i can finally get things to how there were