The sound on my Acer Sw1-011 has always been lower than I would like. I have tried all the usual things like mixer and audio settings but the only thing that has helped at all is to start normalizing the files I want to listen to in it to +1.5 DB, making sure the volume is at 100% and always sitting it where the rear speakers can reflect off of something.

But it seems like it has been getting quieter lately.

And then last week I was listening to a recorded web radio show and it suddenly got a lot louder for a couple of minutes and then got quiet again. I checked the file afterward and it definitely does not have a higher level where the playback became louder.

I am open to suggestions on how to deal with this.

BTW: What's the deal with rear speakers? Almost every laptop and TV made these days has the speakers on the back but I don't know anyone that sits behind the screen when they are listening to something...