wierd sound distortion Solved

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    wierd sound distortion

    Hi Tenforums

    long time lurker first time poster. bear with me please :)

    so, my problem has been going on for the better part of a year and i cant for the life of me figure it out - its time to ask for help!

    i like to wipe my disk once in a while and reinstall windows. its easy and nothing runs better than a freshly installed pc.

    however, sometimes when i do this, my USB connected speakers sound wierd and so, i can open up an old favorite, doom2, where sure enough, the audio from explosions is suddenly all distorted and i have no idea why.

    its like i sometimes get a "bad" install? because 3 months later when i decide ive grown tired of the wierd sound i can reinstall windows and then everythings fine.
    last time i wiped my ssd though, i ended up reinstalling windows like 5times because it would keep giving me this bad sound. so now im kinda stuck with it.

    there must be something that can be done about this 'problem' so here i am, hoping somebody has had the same issue and found a solution.

    ive recorded a 20sec clip where you can really hear the distortion when the explosions happen and also hear that the sound is fine until the explosions

    youtube clip

    thanks for reading

    Best Regards from Denmark!
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    oh btw, i should probably mention that when this issue occurs and i put on some music, it sounds wierdly flat and distant
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    I wonder if its the speakers and reinstalling Windows is just a coincidence.
    USB speakers take digital audio from the PC and convert it in the speakers and thus the PC sound card is not being used. If the USB speakers get their power from a USB port that could be a reason.

    Do you have an Analog headset that you can try with the regular PC audio to see if things are distorted or not?
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    i have a in-ear headset for my phone that plugs in via regular 3.5mm jack.. i suppose those are good enough for this test?

    same issue though, sound is 'fine' until the explosions occur. the sound from that is super distorted just like in the clip.

    also, my speakers are a pair of klipsch R-14PM. they have their own powersource
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    That is simple overload distortion. The explosion/firing sound is at a much higher level thus distorting/clipping in the audio system.

    Part of that may be due to the use of "enhancements" in the Sound Control Panel like Loudness Equalisation or Environment.

    Settings > System > Sound > Sound Control Panel > Select Speakers(or whatever) > Properties > Enhancements Tab >
    Probably start with none, tick the box for Disable all sound effects.

    It has been 20 years since that game, forget what options are there, but reduce the level of sound effects.

    Another route is via the Task bar sound icon > Right click > Volume Mixer and adjust the level.
    You can also get to the Enhancement Tab this route.

    If you keep on reinstalling Windows then you can expect changes to what you have setup before. It has probably auto-adjusted levels due to the overloading thus subsequent stuff is at a reduced level, "it sounds wierdly flat and distant"
    This sort of thing can be the result of auto-levelling down due to the previous overload.
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    i do believe i have tried all the "conventional" things to resolve this issue. disable enhancements, change samplerates etc.
    its just wierd

    just as a footnote, the game is being run through the zandronum sourceport which includes compatibility for win10 and modern hardware
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    @Helmut because of what you said i decided to try and move all the volume sliders i could find both in game and in windows.
    turned them down abit, and increased the volume on the speaker itself to compensate, letting the built-in amp actually do the amplification instead of the software on the computer, and it seems to work!
    turns out that, setting windows to 100% is not a good idea :)
    what a simple fix, i feel so stupid. but thanks for the help!
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