Audio issue after upgrading to Windows 10, Version 1809

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    Windows 10 - 1809

    Audio issue after upgrading to Windows 10, Version 1809

    I'm seeing an issue on multiple computers when I upgrade to the latest Windows 10 build (1809). It's a little funky on when it shows up but it's a pretty major issue for me and I'm curious if any one else has seen it.

    The main issue I have is that I'm trying to use Assigned Access, and with that whenever I boot the computer from all the way off I don't get any audio from the video files I play from my app. However if I reboot the computer (without actually powering it down) it will work just fine until I shut it down again.

    Most people don't use assigned access, but there are a few other places this shows up. The easiest one for people to test is by booting the computer from off and before logging into a user click on the Ease of Access icon. This should play the audio "Make your computer easier to use..." on my computer it won't, unless I reboot, or log into an existing user.
    Interestingly if I log into a user for the first time after booting from off most the audio won't work, but some, like notifications and the sound you get when clicking on the volume level bar will paly. Things like mp4 videos and mp3 files won't, I don't know if this is a file type or player difference.

    Another note is that if I look at the mixer while audio is supposed to be playing but isn't the sound level on the app will go up and down, but not on my output device. I have Realtek Audio chipsets, but I've tried multiple Realtek drivers as well as the default HD Audio Driver in Windows they all acted the same as far as I could tell. I did not have this problem with Windows version 1803.

    Has anyone else seen this? I'd love to have some people try and tell me what they see. Of course even better is a good fix for it.

    Thanks in advance for any help I get.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 21H1

    Hi Eomer000

    Sounds like an issue with windows Fast Startup.

    Next time you power down hold the shift key down and click shutdown. See if sound works when it comes up.

    or you can disable Fast Startup and test.

    Turn On or Off Fast Startup in Windows 10

    Holding the shift key down when you shutdown bypasses Fast Startup for that one boot.

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    Windows 10 - 1809
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    Thanks Ken,
    My initial test holding down shift seems to have worked, I'll have to try actually disabling it tomorrow and see if it gives me a stable fix. I contacted Microsoft about this over a week ago and still don't have more than a "we're looking into it", so I may be back here if I run into issues in the future.
    I'll post back when I've been able to do more testing.
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    Windows 10 - 1809
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    Ken's Instuctions worked great

    So, I went into control panel like the one of the methods in the link Ken gave and disabled Fast Boot and the problem went away. It does seem like this is an issue Microsoft should fix, but for now this looks like a good stable fix for me.
    I'm needing to put these computers in schools for a education program and not having audio any time the computer booted from off was not going to be workable.

    Thanks again, this is a pretty major load off my mind!
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 21H1

    Great to hear.

    Not sure if this is MS's issues or Realtek. Seems the driver does not like the way it is being reloaded as part of Fast Startup.

    If you already have the latest driver you might also try an early driver.

    Of course you can disable Fast Startup as you have but that will add a little to the boot process.

    Glad the forum could help.
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    Windows 10 - 1809
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    I tried several drivers before posting hear including the generic Microsoft HD audio driver, and it very definitely started with the new version of Windows on all three different hardware configurations I tried two of which were similar Intel based laptops and on was a self built AMD based desktop unit with an older ASUS laptop, that being said, all three have Realtek audio chips.

    I was pretty well at a dead end short of waiting for Microsoft to come up with a solution, which wasn't producing any results.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 21H1

    Well at least you have the work around until they get these driver issues fixed.

    Ever feature update seems to bring on different driver challenges. Actually really getting quite silly.
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    Windows 10 - 1809
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    So I found another way to create this same problem that's got me back to square one. All I have to do is put the laptop to sleep while it's signed into an account with it set to sign out on sleep. When I wake it up the audio doesn't work until it's signed into a non-Assigned Access user.
    This means on my laptops for the schools that is locked down with Assigned Access the audio doesn't work after it goes to sleep. So again I'm dead in the water until I have a solution.
    Any ideas for this one? I did try the latest Realtek driver from this post

    Latest Realtek HD Audio Driver Version - Windows 10 Forums

    witch is supposed to be for Windows 1809, but it still acts just the same as the older driver, and the generic windows HD Audio driver.

    Any more ideas?
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 21H1


    Kill hibernation. Command or Powershell admin

    Powercfg -h off

    To reverse use the word on instead of off.
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    Windows 10 - 1809
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    That was actually something I had thought of as well, but it didn't change anything. I've contacted Microsoft and Realtek about this but I don't expect to get a prompt response, so I'm certainly willing to hear any more ideas.
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