First of all every single time after I wake up my PC it can only connect to voice profile of my Bluetooth headset. The ONLY way to actually fix this is to connect headset to Android phone first and only after that Windows will recognize music profile. That's nuts when you think about it. And the second one, for some incomprehensible reason Bluetooth audio starts to incredibly stutter if I do anything, even when I switch tabs in chrome, it goes like some kind of hissing sound for a brief moment. When I do some stress test on CPU it just goes mad and the only thing I can hear is hissing and farting in my ears and I know it's not normal because it can be fixed with simple reboot. I have only one question for Bill Gates: what did I do to deserve this? And for you guys the question is: is there any way I can fix this beside tearing my headset apart? And yes, before update it was perfectly fine, so I know for sure Windows 10 just messing around.