I upgraded to W10 v1803 recently. Today I went through Settings and made a few changes. The most substantial thing I did was: Update & Security>Windows Security>Open Windows Defender Security Center>Device security>Core isolation details>Memory integrity; I turned it on. I had to restart, and when I did I had no sound, and it won't let me turn it back off. I don't see any relationship, but I don't know what else to do. I did do the Microsoft/Windows troubleshooting, but no luck. It told me there are 2 audio services, one of which was turned off, but they're both on. I restarted the computer again but no change.

I see threads about RealTek, but they don't seem relevant to me, and I've never had to download any updates related to the speakers.

If all else fails, I'll restore a system image from last week. Any advice? Thanks.