I'm running Windows 10 on a Lenovo Thinkstation P300 with an i7 Intel CPU and 16GB main memory.

I also have installed a Nividia Quadro K4000 with 3GB ram.

The K4000 HDMI connected to my Nec monitor through an Integra AVR with speakers that produces any sound output from the PC through HDMI.

This audio setup works great most of the time however at least two or three times I've lost my audio where I needed to uninstall the sound drivers, reboot and allow windows 10 to install them again.

Sound drivers:

1. Nvidia High Defintion
2. Realtex High Definition

I'm wondering if there's some sort of conflict between the two drivers?

The Nvidia drivers I think specifically work with hdmi audio and the Realtex work with the PC's audio inputs and outputs as well as system and application sounds such Firefox, pc audio and video players, etc.

I don't understand the relationship between Nvidia hdmi and Realtex system drivers. It appears there's a conflict somwhere that's once in a while effecting audio output.