I am having a strange problem here:
Installed Win10 a few weeks ago, everything was fine. A few days ago I wanted to try the store, so I tried to install apps (free).
Everytime I clicked on installation, nothing happened. It just didn't work.

So I did some research and tested lots of stuff.
It ended up with me completely reinstalling Windows (no repair), for several times.
And everytime I have the fresh installation (no other software, everything default) the store doesn't even work at all.
I just get a blank white screen with nothing loading.

This happens regardless if I use my MS-account or if only create a local offline account during installation. No difference.

I used several tips, such as wsreset or the Add-AppxPackage thing. Doing the latter, ends up with the message
Cannot find path 'C:\WINDOWS\WinStore\AppxManifest.XML' because it does not exist.

Any ideas?