Hi folks

I have a video capture program (VIVA studio) which captures a 1920 X 1080p HD video signal from a hardware capture device via HDMI. The HDMI splitter simply splits signal from a SKY Q box or am Amazon fire stick - depending on what I want to capture into the monitor and a hardware capture device.

The HDMI splitter passes through the HDMI signal simply spltting off any DRM (the cheap chinese splitters work perfectly --the expensive ones retain the DRM).

What bit rate should I use - I want the output signal to be as near lossless as possible -- I've been experimenting with 4000 kbs which looks fine on a 48 inch monitor --but is it worth while capturing the video at any higher bit rates. The capture device can be set to higher rates but I think for true 1080p one should use around 5000 kbs but I can't actually detect any difference in video quality. Could be the source transmission isn't actually full HD but more like 720p in which case a bit rate of 3000 kbs is probably adequate.

I'm sure there's loads of people on these forums who muck about with Video so any guidance here is welcome.
Audio is no problem.