Insider Preview Build 17040

I have just one App I can't install.
MSN News
It's my go-to for news at the end of the day or I wouldn't worry about.
When I try to install it, It Downloads, Installs, then fails with "Something Unexpected Happened Error 0x80070003"
I had done a new clean install with the Build 17025 iso and not sure whether I installed it then.
Somewhere, between 17035 and 17040 it failed and I tried to reinstall it with the resulting error.
I have done every fix I could find Googleing the error with and without the MSN News with no results.
I tried clearing the cache, wsreset.exe, and all sorts of others.
I did a Reset and a Go back from 17040 to 17035?
It's not worth doing a complete repair/install but, hopefully one of you geeks might have the answer.
I seem to feel that cleaning any rement files from the app might do it but I can't find them.